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Hi Fellow Quilters,

Welcome to the “Peek-a-Who?” blog hop, hosted by our friend Marian at “Seams to Be Sew”!  Thank you so much, Marian, for organizing this fun blog hop.  We can hardly wait to see all of the creepy, spooky, and eerie projects that everyone has created! 

Here’s some creepy music, to get you into a Halloween mood!

You might recall seeing our new “Trick or Treat 2018” wall quilt from our “Halloween Spooktacular” post.  Isn’t it super fun!  Susan did a great job making this model, and I confess that I was a bit jealous.  These little critters are SO much fun, and I really wanted to make a couple of them.  So, I’m calling “dibs” on the 2019 Trick or Treat quilt.  

Halloween 2018 Quilt by Ms P Designs USA
Halloween 2018 Quilt by Ms P Designs USA

That’s why I’ve been really excited about this blog hop- a good excuse to make my two favorite Halloween critters!  Of course, the hardest part was choosing only two favorites but I only had time to sew two of them!  I made some mug rugs, one for my desk at school (on the right) and a second one for my beverage during family game night (on the left).  I really love the lightning-bolt fabric that I used for the background on these blocks, as it seemed like the perfect choice for Frankenstein’s Taz and a mad scientist owl.

Frankenstein's Monster and the Mad Scientist by Ms P Designs USA

My Frankenstein monster looks so “ferocious”, all dressed up for Halloween!  I decided to give him a formal suit, so he could (maybe) dance to “Puttin’ on the Ritz”.  I may make mug rugs for my husband and son to use on game night, but they will need to let me win a few games first!  Frankenstein's Monster by Ms P Designs USA

And here’s my mad scientist owl, whoooo sits on the desk next to my computer at school.  I’m a science teacher, so that’s why I just HAD to make him!  It is hard to see in the picture here, but his hair is glowing purple and blue because he hasn’t been as careful as he should be with the hazardous materials in the lab.  I guess that’s why he’s called a “mad” scientist- no sensible scientist would ever risk radioactive contamination!

Mad Scientist by Ms P Designs USA

I’m so glad that you stopped by to see our spooky, creepy, eerie designs today!  I just hope that we didn’t scare you TOO much!  If you don’t think that it will be too scary, please visit our pattern shop to browse our complete collection of Halloween designs.

What are your Halloween traditions?  What is your favorite Halloween costume?  We’d love to read your comments.

Happy quilting,


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Peek A Who?  Check out the creepy and eerie projects from these participating bloggers! 

108 thoughts on “Peek-a-Who?

  1. I loved the Wonky Star, had to purchase it, now I know what I will be doing tonight after I put the grandkids to bed. Thanks for such wonderful patterns

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  2. Oh, your lightning bolt fabric is PERFECT!! Love your quilt and mug rug – you do beautiful applique. Living in the sticks has its drawbacks…no trick or treating in my area.

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  3. Loooooove the mad Scientist owl!! Soooo cute!! We don’t have young Kiddo’s around here anymore,,,and the Grankiddo’s are usually off with their folks & all. So we don’t do much Halloween here now (but the Grangirlie shares some treats with Papa & me …lol)

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  4. Since my children are grown up, and we don’t get trick or treaters where we live (we are in the country), our Halloween tradition is to just stay home and watch movies. Thanks!

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  5. I love everything about Halloween and autumn. My favorite tradition is candy! I live out in the country so I don’t get any trick or treaters unfortunately. I love your owl quilts!


  6. Ohhhh, I am in love, these blocks are sew cool!!! Loved both the Frankie and the Owl, but I love the addition of the star blocks also in the quilt. You and Susan did a fab job. Always an inspirational time when I come to visit your blog. Thanks so much for participating today and my sincerest apologies for not getting around to the blogs sooner this week. It’s really been I think my busiest week of the year thus far.


  7. Your mug rugs look wonderful! I do a little Halloween decorating but we don’t get many kids trick or treating in my neighborhood.


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