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Hi Quilting Friends,

We’re celebrating “National Quilting Day” today, along with our friend Marian from Seams to be Sew, and several other participating bloggers.  Whether you’re new to quilting or a seasoned quilter, you’re probably qwazy about quilting too!  Thanks, Marian, for hosting this fun blog hop.  We’re looking forward to seeing all of the “qwazy quilting” projects again this year.  

While I was thinking about what on earth I would write for the Quilt Qwazy Queens blog hop, I took the opportunity to look up the definition of crazy.  According to Merriam-Webster, it could mean any or all of the following:

  1. Full of cracks or flaws
  2. Not mentally sound, marked by thought or action that lacks reason
  3. Impractical or erratic
  4. Being out of the ordinary
  5. Distracted with desire or excitement
  6. Absurdly infatuated
  7. Passionately preoccupied.

Wow!  Let that sink in for a minute or two.  I think that we, as quilters, are nailed dead to rights on most of these possible definitions!

  1. My logic is flawed when I see that perfect piece of fabric; I simply MUST have it.
  2. I never apply reason as to why I want it or even what use I have for the fabric that I am crazy about.
  3. I don’t ponder where I will place this new purchase in my studio, or even consider which other fabrics in my stash will coordinate with it.  I guess that makes me impractical or erratic.
  4. As a quilter, I am out of the ordinary.  So unique that I see quilt pattern ideas rather than just flooring in the tile work while visiting the lady’s room stall in my favorite restaurant or almost anywhere.  Raise your hand if you do this too. 
  5. Yup, I do get distracted with desire or excitement when I have all the pieces for that newest creation.  I don’t want to work on anything else, I just want to have fun with my new fabric.
  6. Absurdly infatuated?  I want more than life itself to “spend time” with my new fabric.  I want to fondle it, love it and then CUT it!  Wait what?
  7. Whether it is my new fabric or the last 100 pieces of fabric that I purchased, my thoughts are never far away from the love of my life!  Quilting!!!  (Sorry sweetie, I didn’t mean that you are not as important as my stash!)

My qwazy project is a king-sized quilt for our bed!  I decided that 15″ blocks would be about the right size and I love, love, love the Kansas Troubles fabrics and color ways.  I decided that I need 25 blocks plus 24 offset blocks to make the entire quilt.  The offset block that I chose was Wild Goose Chase, set straight and not on the diagonal as you would normally see it.

Flying Geese block by Ms P Designs USA

I wanted my quilt to look scrappy, so each of the five blocks that surround my Wild Goose Chase blocks have different colored backgrounds (ranging from white to ecru) and each set of flying geese have different fabrics for each of the four colors (gold, red, blue and green).  Here is one of my Christmas Wreath blocks for the quilt; isn’t it fun!  I only needed 5 of them for my finished quilt:

Christmas Wreath by Ms P Designs USA

I’d love to show you more of my blocks (there are four more block designs, five of each), but suffice it to say that I am qwazily working on them to get the quilt together.  I have all of the blocks finished and about half of the offset blocks are finished, but I still have lots of flying geese to create.  This is one of my 2019 goals, so I am really hoping to pull it all together and have it on our bed by the end of the year.  I’ll post updates as the year progresses, so check back again in a few months to see more of my qwazy project.

If you truly want to know how qwazy I am, bear in mind that while I am working on this project, I have around 16 additional projects, both large and small, in progress for our design business.  We have lots of new designs and plenty more qwazy ideas that will last us well into 2020!

Since we’re on the topic of being qwazy, let’s listen to Patsy Cline.  She really had an amazing voice!  Do you think my pieces of unused fabric would dedicate this song to me?

Here are some great quotes for all us Quilt Qwazy Queens:

“You can’t be old and wise, if you were never young and crazy.”  (Chris Brown)

“Be crazy, be weird, don’t be afraid of what anybody thinks!” (Anonymous)

“It’s never any fun being normal, and besides … all the best people are crazy.” (Anonymous)

Here’s to all of you and your passion for quilting!  Feel free to be a little bit qwazy like me!  Don’t forget to visit the rest of the participating blogs during the hop, and register to win a prize!

Happy Quilting,

Susan, Ms. P. Designs USA

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60 thoughts on “Qwazy?

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! I don’t know how it happened, but I was working on 16 other projects, completed a couple and now I have 19 projects on my list! Guess that I suffer from self-induced qwazy! Happy quilting! Susan


    1. Thank you Ronelle! I can’t show all of the blocks right now because they will be featured on a new pattern for our shop in July. Perhaps everyone will get to see the finished quilt when we do our 3rd quarter wrap up for UFOs! Happy quilting! Susan


  1. I love the circling geese block! I need to try one of those one day 🙂 Love all your crazy quotes 🙂 xx


    1. Hi Joy, thank you for your sweet comments! Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but Circling Geese will be featured as part of a quilt pattern that we have coming out in July! I had lots of fun coming up with the quotes. Thanks again for visiting and happy quilting! Susan


  2. Great article, I guess that all quilters are crazy. We take fabric, cut it up than sew it back together . Your quilt is beautiful.


    1. Hi Carol! My dad defined us as crazy years ago! He said that taking big pieces, cutting them into little pieces and sewing them back into big pieces is not logical! I guess that makes us all qwazy! Happy quilting, Susan


  3. Good Morning! So, we’re all qwazy here. I guess that fits because I sure had to agree with all of your points that fit the definition. There are worse things we could be called, right?! Happy Tuesday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Thank you, Roseanne! I’ve always been proud to be qwazy, but I like to refer to myself as unique! I agree, there are WAY worse things that we could be called! Thanks for visiting our blog and happy quilting! Susan

      Liked by 1 person

  4. LOL!! I love it. The dictionary sure hit the nail on the head with “crazy” at least when it comes to quilters! Only 16 additional projects your working on you say…heck you got this girl. Those flying geese will be on your bed before you know it! 😉


    1. Thanks Joan! The sad thing is that I have finished some of the things and somehow the list grew to 19 additional projects! I am the definition of crazy! Happy quilting! Susan


  5. Great circling geese block & add that you are also funny. Loved the Patsy Kline “Crazy” memory song.


  6. This is a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing the video. I remember my parents watching this. LOL. And thank you for sharing the Crazy definitions. I like that I am a Qwazy Quilt Queen along with everyone else.


  7. Thanks for sharing this post. I enjoyed it so much. Maybe because I found myself nodding affirmatively to your definition responses. Your quilt blocks look so stunning. A great quilt in the making.


  8. So nice to hear Patsy Cline …I loved her songs/voice. Oh, wait … quilting!! I love the elephant and the train and ………. Is it to late to join the BOM and tag along on an elephant ride?


  9. Oh, and I truly that pillow … Spring has finally arrived .. sort of … but that pillow needs to be in my house.


  10. Many thanks for identifying crazy! Fun read … explains me. Love flying geese – keep at it!


  11. like you i am all about the squirrels; oh look a new quilt design i want to make that


  12. What a fun post, who knew that the word crazy would definite quilters so well. 🙂 Definitely gave me a good chuckle this post… Your project is also wonderful, I have a quilt myself that I started that has tons of flying geese, i should have known better, I have never finished it, the fabric shapes are scattered from here to Germany and I’ll never find them all now. 🙂 It was a quilt from a Trudy Hughes book actually. Every quilt has a story, doncha thing.. Always fun to see what you and your sister are up to tho… Thanks for participating in QQQ 2019 this year.


  13. Oh, I am so glad you posted that list! Yep, that about sums it up, doesn’t it? I love your blocks, What a neat design that’s going to be! Keep up your crazy work, it’ll all be worth it!


  14. I have a qwazy addiction to fabric. I’m sure I have more than I can possibly ever use. I also tend to take on too many projects at once. Love it all!!!!


  15. “You can’t be old and wise, if you were never young and crazy.” (Chris Brown) What a fun quote! Wish I could say I had a little more crazy in my youth but no… I’ve saved it for old age! woo hooooo!


  16. Wow! Your quilt will be amazing! Call me a QQQ and I will own it! Love the definitions. Your list has grown to 19 overnight? Somehow that doesn’t surprise me!
    Carol Andrews


  17. Love the colors you are using in your quilt. Love your list — yes, I think all quilters must be a little crazy. Fortunately, my husband accepts and loves me anyway.


  18. I’ve always enjoyed circling geese, I really should give them a try with quilt to fly on!


  19. Awesome quilt and great post!! This is my favorite: “Be crazy, be weird, don’t be afraid of what anybody thinks!” (Anonymous) I was very shy and always wanted to please people when I was growing up. But now that I’m old(er), this is my mantra!! Love it!! That’s why I had my hair highlighted purple. Who cares what anyone else thinks? I like it!! And my DH likes it!! And I’ve had a lot of people stop me and say they love it!! Thanks for sharing!! Great words to live by! Can’t wait to see your quilt. I’m loving it so far!!


  20. Your blocks for your king size quilt are beautiful. Love your fabric and color choices. Looking for to seeing more. Raising my hand to all 7 of your definitions … 🙂 Pat


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