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Make ‘Em Laugh

Hi Quilting Friends!

Welcome to the Quilt Qwazy Queens “Making Us Laugh” blog hop! We’re here to celebrate 2020’s “International Quilting Day”, thanks to our host and quilting friend, Joan at MooseStash Quilts. This is going to be SEW much fun!

Laughter truly is the best medicine! A quick Google search revealed the following fun facts about its health benefits:

  • Laughter reduces physical tension and stress for up to 45 minutes.
  • Laughter boosts the immune system, helping you stay healthy and combat disease.
  • Laughter boosts the release of endorphins, the “feel good” hormones.
  • It burns calories (up to 40 calories for 10 minutes of laughter each day), and protects the heart by increasing blood flow.
  • Laughter can help you live a longer, happier life! It’s all about handling whatever life brings your way with a sense of humor.

If you know us at Ms P, you already know that we love to laugh and have fun with our whimsical designs. We decided to each choose five favorites and share them with you today!

Sharon’s Laugh List:

There’s nothing like a funny song to set the mood for laughter! This one is an oldie but a goodie, and it never fails to bring a smile!

It was a real challenge to choose only five of my favorite designs! I’ve spent a lot of time smiling as I stitch up the whimsical animals that Susan draws for our quilt patterns. Here are the five that I’ve finally picked out!

The Sugarplum Fairy zebra looks both joyous and graceful as she performs in the “Nutcracker Ballet”! This adorable applique was featured in our 2017 Christmas quilt.

Sheriff Dawg by Ms P Designs USA

There’s a new Sheriff in town and he’s not messin’ around! Sheriff Dawg represents the long arm of the Law on our “Wild Wild West” quilt.

Snowmobile Husky Applique Block Pattern

It is SO much fun to dodge the snowdrifts in a marvelous snowmobile! This cute little guy is just one of the whimsical winter sports-loving Husky dogs from our “Happy Huskies” quilt.

Who’s driving the Mars Rover? Why, Rover, of course! I really enjoyed making the applique blocks for our “Space Race” quilt design.

Count Porkula by Ms P Designs USA

Don’t worry! Even though he looks scary, Count Porkula is harmlessas long as you give him ALL of your candy! He’s especially fond of dark chocolate, “Bleh, bleh, bleh!” (Oops! That’s actually me.) This creepy critter was from our 2017 Halloween quilt design.

Susan’s Laugh List:

Susan has her own idea of funny songs!

I usually have several designs that are my favorites as I’m working on new drawings and stitching up our samples. The things that make me laugh are usually something that I’m working on now! Just wait until you see what I have brewing for July’s pattern release!

Ugly Sweater Beaver by Ms P Designs USA

I loved Bernard the beaver who is all decked out in his elf costume. The idea of woodland critters having an ugly sweater contest amused me beyond reason.

Little Dog by Ms P Designs USA

Here’s a classic from our nursery rhyme quilt where we featured “Hey Diddle Diddle.” The little dog laughing makes me smile every time!

The Scuba Kitty on our Cool Kitties quilt made me laugh a lot! Notice the green fish … he is NOT happy that the darn cat is back in the aquarium. The goldfish are worried, but the angelfish are clueless! The crab thinks that this may be his perfect opportunity to exact his revenge … can’t you hear his evil laugh?

Hippopotamus Ballerina by Ms P Designs USA

I love the hippo ballerina! She makes me happy and it makes me laugh whenever I imagine a real hippo that would be graceful enough to dance the ballet. Here’s to trying!

funny family foto by ms p designs usa

Okay, so I know that it’s not a block, but don’t I have a good looking family??? To me, the humorous part of this picture is seeing that our mom and dad make virtually the same silly face! (Maybe that happens after over 60 years of marriage?) Observe that all four children are making faces according to our own uniqueness!

Life is short, so make certain that each day you find a reason to laugh!

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Happy quilting,

Sharon & Susan

Friday March 20

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21 thoughts on “Make ‘Em Laugh

  1. As usual, ya’ll made me smile with your unique and talented designs. There are very few in fact that don’t put that big broad smile on my face each time I visit you. Thus how I found you originally on Craftsy and how we became as friends since then. I’m happy to see you did something like I did and chose designs that you smile or laugh over also. Love that Zebra doing the nutcracker btw… so so cute!!


  2. Oh my I have been giggling and smiling. These are all so wonderful. Thank you for sharing and brightening my morning. It has been gray and rainy for days.


  3. We bow down to the “Queen” of laughter. Love love love your fun blocks right down to your silly family. The things that pop into my head as I look at your blocks…Mars Rover…Big Bang Theory, Hey Diddle Diddle Dog…me sneaking cookies, Count Porkula…me after sneaking cookies! Yep, you covered it all! LOL!!!! Thank you for joining us and bringing a smile to all our faces!


  4. One is neater than the next. They all made me smile. I think the Dancing Hippo and the Cowboy Bulldog are my favorites. Thanks so much for sharing them all with us.


  5. Hippo Ballerina! Makes me think of the great number in Fantasia with the dancing hippos and crocodiles. Such fun blocks!


  6. I always smile when I see your designs because they are amazing. I love all of them! Thank you for keeping us smiling and laughing!

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  7. I sure have enjoyed listening to the old songs…they sure made me smile/laugh. I remember He’s the Man and loved it now just as much. What wonderful appliques you’ve made. I think the Ballerina Hippo is the cutest – can you imagine – we’d all be bouncing in our seats as we watched that spectacle!

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