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Born to be Wild

Hi Quilting Friends,

Are you ready to take a walk on the wild side? Today we’re joining our friend Carol from Just Let Me Quilt for the “Born to be Wild” blog hop. We’re all set for an adventure!

Let’s start with some music, just to set the mood for our wild rumpus:

We’ve been creating “wild things” for several years now. Here’s a quick peek at several of our “wildest” quilt patterns, featuring “wildlife” from all around the planet. The patterns shown below are all available in Ms P’s Pattern Shop:

  • Jumpin' Jungle Baby Quilt by Ms P Designs USA
  • Safari! Quilt pattern by Ms P Designs USA
  • Ballerina Animal quilt; pattern by Ms P Designs USA
  • Wild Bunch Band by Ms P Designs USA
  • Zoo 2.0 Quilt pattern by Ms P Designs USA
  • A Day at the Zoo Quilt Pattern by Ms P Designs USA
  • Safari! Quilt Pattern by Ms P Designs USA

Sharon here again today. I decided to create a fun, colorful, and WILD mug rug for today’s blog hop project. With so many wild animals to choose from, it wasn’t easy to pick a favorite but I finally settled upon the Poison Dart Frog from our “Jumpin’ Jungle” quilt. Poison dart frogs are brightly colored to ward off predators, as if to say “Don’t eat me! I’m dangerous. One little taste could kill you.”

Here’s a photo of my first poison dart frog that you can see on the jungle quilt. He’s perched in a flower cup, nestled beneath the flowers of the jungle canopy. So colorful and deadly!

Poison Dart Frog Applique by Ms P Designs US
Poison Dart Frog

And here’s a picture of my new poison dart frog mug rug! I sure had fun sifting through my scraps to find the most brilliant colors for the frog and the flowers. Isn’t it wild!

Poison Dart Frog Mug Rug by Ms P Designs USA
Poison Dart Frog Mug Rug

Thanks so much for visiting today, and for taking a walk on the wild side with us. Do you have a favorite wild animal? Leave a comment and make our day brighter! Please visit the rest of today’s participating bloggers too!

Happy quilting,


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28 thoughts on “Born to be Wild

  1. Whew, it took forever to find the comment button, just so I could tell you how wonderful each of your frogs is!

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  2. Love all your wild projects! You have some amazingly cute ones from previous years and this year’s mug rug is sweet too!

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  3. thank you for sharing the video to start out. your frog mug rug is wonderful. and the animals on top are too fun

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  4. That poison dart frog is a beauty and definitely shows off a wild side! You two make amazing jungle quilts that are just incredible…thank you for sharing!

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  5. You girls are killing me, yesterday it was the Africa song and today Born to be Wild. I will never get these songs out of my head! hahahaha Seriously, your quilt is beautiful and I absolutely love the poison dart frogs!

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  6. Love the music that is going to drive me crazy the rest of the day. Really cute little guy. Your bright and cheery fabric choices are just perfect.

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  7. Froggies are definitely wild and this poison frog is that – multiplied by 10! He is a cutie though and it’s such fun to do your own thing with fabrics and colors.

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