Our Story

Susan Hatcher and Sharon Andersen are sisters as well as co-owners of Ms. P Designs USA. We collaborate to create adorable quilting patterns to share with you. We’ve been sewing since we were little girls, growing up on the family farm in Montana. Both of us began quilting about 30 years ago, and are self-described quilting addicts.  You can read more about each of us by clicking the links at the end of the story.

Sharon, the Piecing Wizard and File Wrangler
Sharon, the Piecing Wizard and File Wrangler
Susan, the Animal Tamer and Fabric Acquisition Expert
Susan, the Animal Tamer and Fabric Acquisition Expert

Our inspiration to start Ms P Designs began when Susan decided to enlarge a baby quilt pattern to make a twin-sized quilt for her granddaughter’s “big girl bed” by creating additional animal applique blocks. When Sharon saw Susan’s finished quilt, we both knew what our next step should be: designing quilt patterns! It took a couple of years, and lots of encouragement (from our spouses, children, and each other), for us to be ready to share our designs with the public, but Ms P Designs USA was eventually “born” in August, 2015, and here we are today! 🙂

A Day at the Zoo Quilt Pattern by Ms P Designs USA

Our applique quilts are inspired by the diversity of life on Earth, plus our somewhat quirky imaginations, and are intended to have a whimsical appeal. It is such fun to bring our animals to “life” in fabric.

If you prefer pieced designs, you’ll love our variety of quick-pieced and paper pieced patterns. Our selection of patterns includes traditional quilt blocks, as well as an entire fleet of ships, trucks, construction equipment, and more!

Paper Pieced Construction Vehicles by Ms P Designs USA

We have so many fun ideas, and can hardly wait to get started on our next designs to share with you! 

Thanks again for your interest in Ms P Designs USA! We hope that you will love our patterns as much as we love creating them.

Happy Quilting!
Ms. P

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