Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest, 2019

The Christmas party season is in full swing, and the animals have decided to have an Ugly Sweater Contest!

  • Pattern information:
    • Finished Block Size – 7″ x 7″
    • PDF Pattern, delivery via email in 1-2 business days
    • $4 USD, checkout via PayPal

On this page, you’ll find the designs that are featured in our “Ugly Sweater Contest” series.  They’re organized alphabetically by name, if you’re looking for a specific design.

Bear in Reindeer Sweater
Ugly Sweater Bear by Ms P Designs USA
Beaver in Jester Sweater
Ugly Sweater Beaver by Ms P Designs USA
Fox in Christmas Tree Sweater
Ugly Sweater Fox by Ms P Designs USA
Moose in Patchwork Sweater
Owl in Christmas Lights Sweater
Raccoon in Snowman Sweater
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Ugly Christmas Sweaters by Ms P Designs USA