Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest, 2019

The Christmas party season is in full swing, and the animals have decided to have an Ugly Sweater Contest! Our whimsical applique patterns are sized to fit a 7″ by 7″ square block, unless otherwise noted, and are available for purchase right here!  Each block pattern includes a full-sized applique layout guide and individual pieces, labeled and reversed for you.

These adorable applique patterns are available in Ms P’s Pattern Shop for $3.50 USD each.  To purchase, just click the “Buy Now” button to checkout via PayPal.  We’ll send the pattern file to you via email after we have received notification of your payment from PayPal.  This usually takes up to one business day (or less), which is much faster than waiting for the pattern to show up in your mailbox.

On this page, you’ll find the designs that are featured in our “Ugly Sweater Contest” series.  They’re organized alphabetically by name, if you’re looking for a specific design.

Bear in Reindeer Sweater
Ugly Sweater Bear by Ms P Designs USA
Beaver in Jester Sweater
Ugly Sweater Beaver by Ms P Designs USA
Fox in Christmas Tree Sweater
Ugly Sweater Fox by Ms P Designs USA
Moose in Patchwork Sweater
Owl in Christmas Lights Sweater
Raccoon in Snowman Sweater
Love ALL of them?
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Ugly Christmas Sweaters by Ms P Designs USA

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