Wild Bunch Band Animals

Ready for the concert of your life? The “Wild Bunch” is ready to perform!  Each block pattern includes a full-sized applique layout guide and individual pieces, labeled and reversed for you.

  • Pattern information:
    • Finished Block Size – 7″ x 7″
    • PDF Pattern, delivery via email in 1-2 business days
    • $4 USD, checkout via PayPal

On this page, you’ll find the block patterns for the “Wild Bunch” band animals.  They’re organized alphabetically by name, if you’re looking for a specific design.

Elephant Lead Singer and Guitarist
Elephant - Copy
Gorilla Drummer
Monkey - Copy
Hippopotamus Backup Singers
Hippo's - Copy
Lion Bass Player
Lion - Copy
Zebra Keyboardist
Zebra - Copy
Easy Pieced X Block
Wild Bunch Band
  • Finished Size = 33″ x 33″
  • Includes five animal musician applique patterns
  • Inclues the pieced “X” block pattern
  • $16 USD
Wild Bunch Band quilt pattern by Ms P Designs USA