Customers’ Quilt Gallery!

We just love to see the quilts that our customers create using our designs!  This page features photos of quilts that our customers have shared with us, and so we’re sharing them with you too.  If you’ve made a quilt or a project from our patterns, we’d love to add your quilt photo to our Customers’ Quilt Gallery!

If you’re inspired to create your own quilt using one or more of our designs, please visit Ms P’s Pattern Shop!

Margo P stitched up this fabulous “Playful Woodsies” quilt! Her fabric choices make the design sing. Thanks for sharing with us!

Playful Woodsies by Margo P

Kathy P’s rendition of “Space Race” features bright colors on a beautiful blue background! Stellar!

Space Race by Kathy P

Jayne P welcomed her sweet new granddaughter, Annie, with a cheery koala quilt! Isn’t it SEW cute!

Rose S created this beautiful “Born in the Rockies” quilt for her brand-new grandson, and finished it just in time for his birthday!

Take a look at this adorable ocean animals quilt, made by Chrys M! The little one will love it.

Ocean Animals by Crys M

Here’s a pretty tea towel, featuring our frog applique, made by Dilys H. Won’t it look cheery in the kitchen!

Linda created a cute baby quilt for her mechanic friends’ new little one. Isn’t it cute!

Tool Quilt by Linda

Deb made a pair of mug rugs for a silent auction to support her friend’s Gordon Setter rescue group. She modified our ring-necked pheasant applique block for her projects.

Setters with Pheasant from Deb S

Amy created the gorgeous “Born in the Rockies” quilt for a friend’s baby. Lucky baby! We love the calming blue shades that Amy has used in her project.

Wendy F used several of the “wonky” pieced blocks from our “Wonky Sampler” quilt pattern to make this beautiful quilt for her friend’s wedding gift. We love how Wendy’s choice of fabric makes this quilt sparkle. Best wishes to the bride and groom!

Wonky Sampler Wedding Quilt by Wendy F

Carol B used several of our foundation pieced vehicle patterns to make this colorful quilt. The dark sashes and outer border really make the colors stand out.

Vehicle Quilt by Carol B

Ryan C stitched the beautiful blue-toned quilt shown here, using several of our 15″ pieced block patterns. We love the combination of fabrics in this gorgeous quilt!

Blue Pieced Quilt by Ryan C

Julie P created this wonderful ocean-themed quilt for her new grandson, using our “Reef Buddies” quilt pattern. Julie’s animal blocks are all hand-appliqued, and she hand quilted too. Beautiful work, Julie!

Stephanie S make a cute train quilt for her little grandson, using several of our train car blocks. This is so much fun with the bright colors that she selected.

Train Quilt by Stephanie S

Jenny H just finished this wonderful tool quilt for her Dad’s birthday! We love the fabrics that she’s used. Happy Birthday!

Tool Quilt by Jenny H

Carolyn F stitched the fabulous vehicle quilt for her youngest grandson. We love how Carolyn’s borders and sashing choices create the look of a roadway. Thank you for sharing!

Vehicle quilt by Carolyn F

Joyce F made this gorgous Viking-themed quilt, featuring our foundation pieced Viking longboats, as a wedding gift! The bride and groom were thrilled. We love it too, so thank you for sharing your creativity with us.

Viking Quilt by Joyce F

Dilys H created this beautiful quilt and pillow for Niko! We love the colorful fabrics that Dilys used for the pieced vehicles. Thanks for sharing with us.

Sharon L made a great pillow with a cute koala applique. It looks so cozy on the sofa!

Koala Pillow by Sharon L

Diane H created this fabulous Koala quilt! We love the larger koala in the center of the quilt, surrounded by smaller koala friends and colorful pinwheels in the corners. So cute!!

Linda stitched up this great quilt for her granddaughter, who happens to love horses! We’re loving the fun purple unicorn that Linda added in the lower right corner for an extra touch of whimsy.

Linda's Horse Quilt

Barb W made this adorable vehicle quilt for her 4-year-old grandson. He picked out the vehicles to include in the quilt, and was excited to see each block as it got finished. What beautiful memories for both of them!

Emma F shared this picture of the quilt she made for a new baby boy, using the animal appliques from our “Born in the Rockies” quilt pattern. We just love those happy animals and colorful trees!

Born in the Rockies by Emma F

Linda V used animals from our ocean-themed designs, along with pieced wave blocks, to create this wonderful wave-filled quilt! Linda’s hand-stitched appliques are fabulous, and her quilting adds so much to the texture!

Ocean quilt by Linda V

Janet B used our “Blue and More Blue” pattern to make this lovely blue and white quilt.  Her quilt was enlarged by adding blocks to make it queen-sized.  Great job, Janet!

Janet B Blue and More Blue @ Ms P Designs USA

Lynn M used the horse applique pattern to make this fabulous quilt!  You’d never guess that this was Lynn’s very first applique project.  Sew adorable!

Lynn's horse quilt

Debbie S used several of the foundation paper pieced tool patterns to make this great quilt!  We love the creative block layout and the bright colors!

Tools quilt by Debbie S

Nancy C used the foundation paper pieced wave block to make this fabulous quilt!  We love the way she used color & texture to create movement.

Nancy C Wave Quilt

Linda R used our foundation paper pieced vehicle patterns to make this colorful quilt for little Cooper’s third birthday.  He’s going to LOVE it!

Cooper's Quilt by Linda R

Chris C used several of our foundation paper pieced vehicle patterns to create this great quilt for her grandson, Jaxson!  We love the colorful construction equipment.

Customer Quilt Chris C, patterns by Ms P Designs USA

Mary M made this pretty baby quilt, using our crocodile applique pattern.  Mary enlarged the croc for the center panel and used prairie points instead of appliqued spikes on the tail.  Didn’t it turn out cute!  Mary’s friend will love it for her new baby.

Mary M Alligator quilt

Janie K shared these wonderful pictures of a baby quilt and a mug rug that she made, using our koala mum and baby applique pattern.  Aren’t they beautiful!

Janie K Koala quilt April 2016

Janie K Koala mug rug April 2016

Judi C shared this photo of the quilt that she created with our giant panda pattern.  We love the bamboo that she added!  Judi enlarged the panda applique for the center panel, and used the 7″ panda squares in each corner of the quilt.

Judi C Giant Panda Quilt July 2016

This quilt was made by Renee C, using a variety of colorful batiks.  Renee enlarged the ocean waves paper pieced pattern, and modified the storm at sea pattern to create this beautifull design.  Isn’t it fabulous!

Customer quilt September 2017

This great quilt was created by Donna S, especially for her three-year-old grandson.  Isn’t it gorgeous!  The printed blocks are made from colorful squares of construction-themed fabric.

Customer Donna S PP Vehicle quilt

This cute quilt was made by Eve S, who also has a three-year-old grandson!  See how each row of vehicles seems to travel across the quilt?  I’m sure that Eve’s grandson loves his special quilt!

Customer Eve S PP Vehicle Quilt

Susan A made this great quilt for her grandson!  Susan was very creative, adding some road signs and designing a few extra vehicles to complete the transportation theme.  Very nice, Susan!

Customer Susan A PP Vehicle quilt

Debby F created this wonderful quilt for her new grandson.  Don’t you just love the fun fabric selections!  The baby is sure to love his quilt.

Debbie F vehicle quilt March 2018

Your quilt’s story & photograph could be next!  If you’d like to share your quilt project with us, to be posted in our customer gallery, please send a photo to us via email.