Dining & Kitchen Decor

Need a table runner or a set of place mats?  We’ve got you covered!  The patterns on this page are available for purchase from Ms P’s Pattern Shop!  Just click on the image to add an item to your PayPal cart. We’ll send the pattern to you via email within one business day of receiving confirmation of your PayPal payment.  What a deal, and so much faster than waiting for the pattern to show up in your mailbox.

The pattern titles are listed in alphabetic order, in case you are looking for a specific design.

Ashley’s Stars Table Runner
  • Two Sizes: 18″ by 42″ and 18″ by 54″
  • Just $10 USD
Ashley's Stars by Ms P Designs USA
Autumn Leaves Place Mat and Runner Set
  • Four 12″ by 18″ place mats and 12″ by 44″ runner
  • $10 USD
autumn leaves table runner and place mat set by ms p designs usa
Churn Dash Table Runner
  • Finished size = 16″ by 47″
    • Includes “Spring Flowers” and “Christmas Holly” variations
    • $10 USD
Churn Dash Table Runners by Ms P Designs USA
Crossed Canoes Table Runner
  • 17″ by 48″
  • $8.00 USD
crossed canoes table runner by ms p designs usa
Easy Festive Table Runner
  • 16″ by 44″
  • $10 USD
easy festive table runner by ms p designs usa
Farm Kitchen Set
  • Two 9″ by 9″ hot pads and decorative tea towel
  • Includes patterns for the rooster, hen, and barn
  • $10 USD
Farm Kitchen Set by Ms P Designs USA
Goose Trails Table Runner
  • Finished Size =
  • Just $10 USD
Goose Trails TR by Ms P Designs USA
Heart Place Mats
  • Set of four
  • Finished Size = 12″ by 18″
  • Just $8 USD
Christmas Hearts Place Mats by Ms P Designs USA
Jungle Flowers Table Runner
  • 18″ by 42″
  • $10 USD
Jungle Flowers Table Runner by Ms P Designs USA
Pinwheel Table Runner
  • 18″ by 47″
  • $10 USD
pinwheel table runner by ms p designs usa
“Welcome to My House” Table Runner
  • Finished Size = 16.5″ by 50.5″
  • Just $10 USD
Welcome to My House TR 2018 Ms P Designs USA
“X” Place Mat Set
  • Set of four, 12″ by 18″ Place mats
  • $8.00 USD
easy pieced x place mat set by ms p designs usa

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