Quilt Gallery 2016

Ms P Designs had a very busy year in 2016, creating all of these new patterns!  If you see a pattern that you’d like to purchase, just click the “Buy Now!” button that immediately follows the picture of each quilt.  You’ll be redirected to the PayPal checkout site to complete your purchase.

We hope that you’ll enjoy the show!

  • Our first adventure was with these two patterns, featuring adorable marine animals!  The “Ocean Adventure” quilt features appliqued submarines and cute little mermaids.

Ocean Adventure Quilt by Ms P Designs USA

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  • The “Reef Buddies” quilt includes fun foundation paper pieced wave blocks, with most of the same ocean animals!

Reef Buddies

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  • Our “Reef Explorer” quilts are shown below, and they include a different set of ocean creatures.  Both feature our mariner’s star block, and Susan’s quilt has appliqued submarines and storm at sea blocks too!

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  • Our next stop was another visit to the zoo with our “Zoo Too!” quilt, featuring adorable new zoo animal designs and colorful pieced pinwheels:

Zoo 2.0

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  • We had a great time making our next quilts, which feature wild woodland creatures primarily from the Eastern North American woodlands.  Susan’s “Playful Woodsies” quilt features our exclusive “Tumbling Leaves” pieced blocks.

Playful Woodsies

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  • Sharon chose to use traditional bear’s paw pieced blocks for her “Woodland Pals”, which includes the same adorable woodland animals.

Woodland Pals

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  • We decided to make a Christmas 2016 quilt, featuring some of our favorite animals all dressed up for the holidays!  Santa Elephant is getting lots of great help from his adorable little elves.

Christmas wall quilt

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  • Our “Forest Frolic” quilt features forest animals from western North America, along with foundation paper pieced crossed canoes blocks.  We each had a different approach to fabric choices on the crossed canoes, as you can see from the photos here.

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Our “Ballerina Animals” quilt was the grand finale for 2016!  It features graceful ballerinas (animals, of course) all dressed up in beautiful costumes, and pieced tiaras to complete the design.

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What a productive year we had in 2016!  We hope that you’ve enjoyed seeing our quilts.

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