Sweet Elephant Quilt Update and Baby Quilt #2 Begins!

Week 3 begins!  I’m happy to announce that the pink and yellow elephant quilt is finally quilted and bound!  It is off to our photographer for beauty shots and then it will be prepped for the baby shower in a few weeks.

In my last blog I mentioned that I have three baby quilts to make by Spring.  Add one more onto my list because I learned that Sharon and I will be Great-Aunties again!  Still waiting to hear what their theme will be … will we be able to use one of our existing patterns, or will Great-Auntie Susan need to design something new for their bundle of joy?  Anyone’s guess at this point, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as we learn more.

This week I am working on Baby Quilt #2.  I was visiting relatives in Montana and my first cousin once removed (that makes him my first cousin’s child) is going to be a daddy in March!  I was honored to be there when he told my Uncle that he was going to be a Great-Grandpa.  Of course, I get excited when a member of our family is having a baby because baby quilts are what we do.

They want to decorate the nursery with a Farm theme, since Daddy is a farmer.  We already have two farm nursery quilt designs in our shop, but I decided to revamp/redesign four of the animal blocks from our existing patterns for their special quilt!  I won’t be sharing photos of the new blocks until the quilt is finished, but you’ll see the others as I get them stitched.

Down on the Farm
“Down on the Farm”


Fancy 2
“Fancy Farm”

They have decided not to find out whether the baby is a boy or a girl before his or her birthday, so I chose fabrics that would work well for either gender. Here are the fabrics that I chose for the new baby’s quilt:


Fabrics for the farm baby quilt

I totally love Elizabeth’s Studio “Farm Animal Selfies” fabric because all of the animals seem SO happy!  What do you think?  I couldn’t resist, so it will be on the back of the quilt.  Perhaps it will give the baby some good laughs as he/she gets older!

Fabric for the back of the quilt! So cute!!!

Over the weekend, I cut out all of the fabric to make the animals and started stitching them.  The goat and rooster are ready for their closeups!

Mr. Goat
Mr. Rooster

Sharon will be making tractors, using our paper pieced tractor block pattern, for some of the offset blocks and the others will probably be Churn Dash blocks, but we haven’t made that decision yet.  We’ll give you an update, as soon as we’re ready.

Tractor pattern image

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog!  We appreciate your comments and suggestions, so please let us know what you think!

Until next time, Happy Quilting!




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  1. You are certainly in baby-land right now! How exciting all those babies are. I like the farm quilt pattern and your ideas for personalizing it. That backing fabric is perfect! The goat and the chicken are excellent blocks. The fabric choices make it a wonderful quilt for whatever kind of baby it is. =)

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