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The Jungle is Jumpin’!

Our “Jumpin’ Jungle” quilt features thirteen unique and colorful animals who all live in the Amazon rain forest!  I really enjoyed sewing this quilt, with the colorful animals and pieced jungle flowers.  Please don’t ask which of these animals is my favorite; I love all of them!

Here’s my finished quilt, and the animals’ stories:


The anteater stays busy all day long!  He uses his two-foot-long tongue to pick up delicious ants and other bugs from the forest floor.  A full-grown anteater eats thousands of insects every day.  I think that I’d like to have my own personal anteater in my yard to help with pest control, LOL.  This anteater is ready for her favorite snack- ants on a log.  Sounds yummy, doesn’t it!


The toucan is famous for his large and colorful bill!  When compared with the rest of his body, the toucan’s bill is larger than any other type of bird in the world.  You might think that the toucan’s brilliant colors would be a disadvantage, but they actually help to camouflage him in the colorful rain forest canopy.  He eats mainly fruit, but will enjoy the occasional small reptile or bug as well.  I prefer fruit, thank you very much.


The capybara is the largest rodent on Earth!  Ms. Capybara can hide herself underwater for up to five minutes, and spends most of her time hanging out with her family in the undergrowth near the river.  She eats the tender plants the grow in and near the river; her own personal salad bar!


The Emperor tamarin looks as if he’s celebrating Movember, with that beautiful white moustache.  He spends most of his life in the rain forest treetops, rarely venturing down to the ground.  Doesn’t he look like a wise little old man!


The rainbow boa is a colorful reptile from the Amazon rain forest.  This beautiful creature’s colorful scales are iridescent!  She hunts at night, using pits on her face to detect her food’s body temperature, consuming mostly rodents.  What a gorgeous animal, but I wouldn’t want her to give ME a hug!


The playful Amazon River dolphin is very intelligent and curious.  Her skin can be pink, blue, or even white.  She uses echolocation, emitting sounds that reflect from solid objects (like tasty fish!), for hunting.  Isn’t she pretty in pink!

Amazon River dolpin

You can’t touch this!  Or at least you shouldn’t touch this poison dart frog.  Even though he has brilliantly colored skin that makes you want to pick him up for a closer look, one touch might deliver enough poison to cause death.  Yikes!!!  The smart rain forest animals avoid eating poison dart frogs, since his bright colors are a warning of danger.

Poison Dart Frog

This caiman is enjoying a sunny afternoon, floating down the river.  He looks very relaxed, doesn’t he!  I’d guess that he is totally oblivious to the piranha who are underwater, examining his toes, trying to decide whether or not they should “tickle” him.


The noisy and colorful macaw is the largest of the parrot family!  He loves to eat fruit, and can crack nuts with his strong & sturdy beak.  Isn’t he gorgeous!  I chose to make him into a macaw, but his body shape is similar to a cockatiel so you could change the fabric choices if you’d rather make her instead.  Both of these colorful bird species are native to the Amazon rain forest!


This monkey shines!  Playful, intelligent, and gregarious, she lives with her family in the rain forest canopy.  She can use her tail to hang from tree branches too!  She reminds me (at least a little bit) of my younger son, who wanted to live in one of our backyard trees when he was 9 years old.  But that is another story, for another time!  :o)


The tapir is a really cool animal!  She has a flexible snout that is used to pick up food, to smell or taste food, or to use as a snorkel when she walks around underwater.  Yes, that’s right- she can walk around underwater.  Now that’s very cool!


This sloth is moving at lightning speed, for a sloth!  He spends most of his time in the trees, and sometimes can look green because of algae that grows on his fur.  The sloth likes to eat leaves, and is more active at night than in the daytime.  I just love this adorable sloth!


The jaguar is the king of the rain forest!  Her speckled fur pattern, called “rosettes”,  works as a camouflage to help her hide from prey until she’s ready to pounce.  She can climb trees and swim pretty well (yes, a cat who likes to swim!), so she really gets around her territory!


Thanks for stopping in at our blog today, and for reading about our “Jumpin’ Jungle” animals!  I hope that you’ve enjoyed learning a bit about these unique and wonderful rain forest creatures!  Each of them serves a purpose within their environment, and they make a fabulous contribution to the diversity of life on Earth.  If you’re interested in making any (or all!) of these amazing animal appliques, you can click their images to go to our pattern shop.

We won’t be posting again until the weekend, due to the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US.  We hope that you’ll have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration, filled with family, friends, and fabulous food!  Thanks again for being our online quilting friend!  :o)

Happy quilting,



A Very Special Farm Quilt

Hi gang!  With the excitement of attending Quilt Festival (almost two weeks ago), I neglected to update you on the progress of the special farm quilt for my first-cousin once removed (yup, my cousin’s kid).

I already shared pictures of the Goat and Rooster, so here is where I am now!

Mama Hen & her Chicks

Mr. Rooster was content sharing his spotlight with the goat, but there is nothing that sets his heart on fire like cute chicks!  Mother hen proudly surveys her newborns.  It appears that they have all their beaks and cute little feet, so all is well in the coop!


Pretty Piggy


Oh my, this little piggy is certainly clean!  I felt it prudent to photograph him quickly since the smile on his face seems to imply that he has just spied a perfect mud hole to cool off on a hot summer’s day!

Little Lamb

Our little lamb looks comfy in her wool sweater.  The other sheep in the barnyard are white or black, so she feels special to be such a fabulous shade of gray!

Mr. Turkey

SSSSSShhhhhhhhhhh!  Don’t tell Mr. Turkey what happens next Thursday!  They do say that ignorance is bliss.  Doesn’t he look blissful?

Imagine if you were to use this pattern to make some adorable Thanksgiving potholders or trivets!  Sharon made these, and they’re almost too cute to use:


This weekend I am headed to my dear friend’s baby shower for her first granddaughter.  I sincerely hope that the expectant mom will love the sweet elephant quilt as much as I have enjoyed creating her!

Until next time,

Happy Quilting!




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Santa’s Little Helpers

Santa gets pretty busy at this time of the year.  He has to supervise the elves and make sure that they’re building plenty of the popular new toys.  He has to coordinate the training schedule for the reindeer, in case they got lazy and out of shape during the off-season.  He has to make a list, and then check it twice.  A jolly old Elf’s work is never done!  That’s why Santa was SO excited to get some extra assistants this year, just in time for his Christmas preparations.

So get ready to meet “Santa’s Little Helpers”, from our 2016 Christmas wall hanging quilt pattern:

Christmas wall quilt

Ed the elephant decided to try on Santa’s spare suit, just in case he needs to fill in at the photo booth in the mall during Santa’s lunch break.  It looks like “Santa” should have cut back just a bit on the milk and cookies!

elephant (4)

When it was time to decorate the Christmas tree, none of the other elves were quite tall enough to reach the top and hang the lights.  Gerard the giraffe generously tried to help, but ended up making a mess of the lights.  Oh dear!  Better find the ladder instead.

giraffe (3)

Roxy the raccoon is really quite smart!  Some might even call her “gifted”.  She’s all ready to help Santa hand out gifts at the Christmas party.  Can you guess what’s inside this pretty gift-wrapped present?  Roxy would be happy if it is a fish!

raccoon (7)

Barry the bear gives fabulous hugs, and he knows exactly how to fill a Christmas stocking to Santa’s specifications.  Take a look at the goodies tucked inside, all ready for a good little boy or girl to enjoy on Christmas morning.

bear (8)

Lulu the horse has finished decorating the tree, and she hung the mistletoe too!  Now she’s hoping that the cute colt on the other side of the room will notice where she’s standing, waiting for him.  Lulu is hoping for her very first Christmas kiss!

horse (2)

Now aren’t you glad to know that Santa will have LOTS of extra help this year?  We had so much fun creating these whimsical animal applique blocks to make our Christmas wall quilt!  You can click on the images above if you’d like to have a closer look at any of the individual blocks, all available in our Craftsy and Etsy shops.



Santa’s Little Helpers Christmas 2016 Wall Hanging Quilt

Santa has lots of help this year! The pattern includes all five applique block patterns, and instructions for the star blocks too.


Happy quilting!


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Our Day at the 2017 International Quilt Festival, Houston





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Sharon and I are very fortunate to live in Houston, Texas, and that we can enjoy attending the International Quilt Festival year after year.

A great time

When we first started going (20 years ago), we would ooohh and aaahhh over the exhibits and vow to each other that one day we would create a show-worthy quilt.  I think that is about the time that I decided to make a quilt that I now call “WHAT WAS I THINKING?”.  Picture a king-sized whole cloth quilt with appliqued borders which match the quilting in the center, you know, flowers and ribbons with jewel-toned flowers.   Quite honestly, I have a 1-foot border of lines to quilt and appliques need to be attached to the blue and white checkerboard border and it will be done.  Somehow I don’t think it will be entered into the International Quilt Festival show any time soon!

I know, I rambled off course for a bit, here are the highlights of our visit!

First, we decided to visit all the vendors. Yeah, right!  I think we made it through about 2/3 of them and basically ran out of steam.  Of course, when you need to stop and fondle the fabric, visit with interesting people and then stop to fondle the fabric again, it can take hours!

We even stopped to visit the longhorn steer, the mascot for “Stitchin’ Heaven”, a Texas quilt shop!  Isn’t he handsome.

With the bull

Now off we go to visit all of the beautiful quilts on display.  There were far too many of them to give each artist credit for their efforts, but here is the highlight for us.

Amazing applique sea life

This one was made by a Japanese artist and is not the entire quilt because he had so many fans gathered around him to talk about his design and I thought it best if we don’t include the backsides of 10+ people in our blog.

See more of our favorites above.

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our day at the International Quilt Festival Houston and we hope you will join us next year!

Happy Quilting!



P.S. from Sharon:

It is pretty darn cool to have a quilt included in the Houston International Quilt Festival!  I’m not sure that Susan remembers, but I entered a miniature quilt design contest many years ago, and so my tiny quilt was displayed at the Houston International Quilt Festival, along with several others from the contest; I was so excited to see it there.  I don’t know where I put those photos of my quilt; will hunt them down and maybe post them later…  :o)




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Hippopotamus Ballerina Quilt

The little hippo’s family told her that she would never become a ballerina.  Her friends said, “Forget about your ballet dreams; becoming the principal ballerina is far beyond your reach!  Just go back to the river and practice your diving.  Your body is more suited to grazing on underwater plants than it is to performing a grande jete’.”  But her need to dance was strong!  She refused to listen to the rest of the hippopotamus herd, and she took ballet lessons anyway.  She worked hard to master every pose and leap, and now she’s here at last; ready to step onto center stage and dance like no hippopotamus has ever danced before.

This “tiny” hippopotamus dancer is ready to pirouette her way into your heart!  She makes me smile, just imagining her graceful moves on the dance floor.  This incredibly cute 36 1/2″ by 48 1/2″ nursery quilt would be the perfect gift to welcome a sweet little ballet dancer-to-be!


The hippopotamus ballerina is an easy applique project, since the pieces are fairly large and the curves and turns are gentle and easy to negotiate.  I started making the hippopotamus with Mom when she was visiting  from Montana, since she wanted to learn how to do machine applique using the blanket stitch on her sewing machine.  We didn’t quite have enough time to finish our hippo  ballerina, but I think that Mom got the hang of how to make the sewing machine work with her to create a beautiful applique piece!   I chose delicate gray prints with silver metallic accents for my ballerina’s body, along with sparkly pink  Michael Miller “Fairy Frost” fabrics for her costume.


The flower and heart garlands above and below the “little” ballerina are also easy to make, framing the dancer to place her front and center on the quilt top.The flower and heart garland is a feminine combination of pink and purple, with pretty golden yellow flower centers and green leaves as accent colors.  The leaves and flowers were made from Northcott Fabric’s “Toscana” collection, one of our favorite fabric lines for our applique projects.

Flowers top2

My forte’ in quilting tends toward piecing, so I really enjoyed making the foundation paper pieced heart blocks that surround the ballerina.  The pieced hearts, made with a selection of pink and purple prints, provide a lovely frame for this adorable nursery quilt.  Foundation paper piecing makes it easy to create uniformly perfect pieced blocks, even for a beginning quilter.  Each heart block has just seven pieces, so they are quick and easy to make.


A sweet pink flower print frames the center applique panel, and is repeated in the outer border.  The finished quilt is positively precious for a sweet little baby girl!

And here’s a fun surprise: I’ve learned that my cousin’s daughter and her husband are expecting another baby girl this winter, so their little bundle of joy is going to be the recipient of this pretty pink and purple hippopotamus ballerina quilt.  I can’t wait!

If you’d like to create your own “tiny dancer” hippopotamus ballerina quilt, to be treasured by a special little girl, you can purchase the pattern here:


Hippopotamus Ballerina Nursery Quilt Pattern

This dainty hippopotamus is ready to dance herself into your heart!


Until next time!

Happy quilting,




Sweet Elephant Quilt Update and Baby Quilt #2 Begins!

Week 3 begins!  I’m happy to announce that the pink and yellow elephant quilt is finally quilted and bound!  It is off to our photographer for beauty shots and then it will be prepped for the baby shower in a few weeks.

In my last blog I mentioned that I have three baby quilts to make by Spring.  Add one more onto my list because I learned that Sharon and I will be Great-Aunties again!  Still waiting to hear what their theme will be … will we be able to use one of our existing patterns, or will Great-Auntie Susan need to design something new for their bundle of joy?  Anyone’s guess at this point, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as we learn more.

This week I am working on Baby Quilt #2.  I was visiting relatives in Montana and my first cousin once removed (that makes him my first cousin’s child) is going to be a daddy in March!  I was honored to be there when he told my Uncle that he was going to be a Great-Grandpa.  Of course, I get excited when a member of our family is having a baby because baby quilts are what we do.

They want to decorate the nursery with a Farm theme, since Daddy is a farmer.  We already have two farm nursery quilt designs in our shop, but I decided to revamp/redesign four of the animal blocks from our existing patterns for their special quilt!  I won’t be sharing photos of the new blocks until the quilt is finished, but you’ll see the others as I get them stitched.

Down on the Farm
“Down on the Farm”


Fancy 2
“Fancy Farm”

They have decided not to find out whether the baby is a boy or a girl before his or her birthday, so I chose fabrics that would work well for either gender. Here are the fabrics that I chose for the new baby’s quilt:


Fabrics for the farm baby quilt

I totally love Elizabeth’s Studio “Farm Animal Selfies” fabric because all of the animals seem SO happy!  What do you think?  I couldn’t resist, so it will be on the back of the quilt.  Perhaps it will give the baby some good laughs as he/she gets older!

Fabric for the back of the quilt! So cute!!!

Over the weekend, I cut out all of the fabric to make the animals and started stitching them.  The goat and rooster are ready for their closeups!

Mr. Goat
Mr. Rooster

Sharon will be making tractors, using our paper pieced tractor block pattern, for some of the offset blocks and the others will probably be Churn Dash blocks, but we haven’t made that decision yet.  We’ll give you an update, as soon as we’re ready.

Tractor pattern image

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog!  We appreciate your comments and suggestions, so please let us know what you think!

Until next time, Happy Quilting!





Sweet Elephant Baby Quilt Update

Wow!  It has only been a week since my last post and I have made loads of progress on the quilt for my friend’s expected granddaughter.

Here is where I am currently:  I finally finished stitching the elephant, flowers and hearts onto the center panel!  All were buttonhole stitched by hand with two strands of black embroidery floss and a really sharp little needle!  Sharon does her applique entirely on her sewing machine, so that’s why her quilts look different than mine.

Ellie finished
Center panel with stitching completed.

Next I played around with the arrangement of the pink and yellow fabrics that I gathered, to make certain that I liked the flow of the colors.

Strip arrangement
Strip placement before stitching

Then, as I always do, I stood back to make certain that I was happy with the arrangement of the chosen colors, the second solid border, and the center panel before I start cutting out the strips and stitching them all together.  I have a design board in my studio, so I pin the fabrics on the wall and check back periodically to make certain I like the flow and that there isn’t a particular piece of fabric that does not belong in the grouping.  So much of quilting is making certain that the fabric choices please your eye, so take your time!

Helpful hint, if you found a piece of fabric that makes you happy, use it to help determine the other fabrics that coordinate well.  Some manufacturers include printed color keys on the selvage edge of their fabrics, so you could cut the strip off the side of your fabric to take with you to your favorite quilt fabric shop (or just take the fabric with you!).  The thing that really makes any quilt “pop” is called an odd color.  Back in the 80’s the “odd” colors most quilters used were either mustard yellow or moss green.  Figure out what your “odd” color should be and incorporate just a little of it to give your quilt some zing!  Can you see the “odd” color on this quilt top?

Ellie with strips
Strip layout with center panel

After several hours of quality time with my Bernina, the quilt top is finished, and it is now ready to quilt!  Just for good measure, I snapped a picture of the assembled quilt and sent it to our expectant grandmother who said “Words can’t even describe how precious that is.  I can’t wait to see it in person!”

Ellie with borders
Ready for quilting!

I work outside my home full-time, so I won’t get around to quilting it until the weekend, but I’m really pleased with the progress.  I am contemplating using a pink and white variegated thread to quilt her, any thoughts about that?

If you’d like to make your own sweet elephant quilt, the pattern is available for purchase, right here!

Elephant Baby Quilt with Applique Flowers

This sweet quilt features an appliqued elephant surrounded by flowers. The pieced borders are easy to make from strips of fabric, for a quick quilting project. Finished size is 36.5" by 48.5".


Thanks for reading our blog.  Your comments are appreciated.

Happy Quilting,



P.S.  Spoiler alert!  I have two more baby quilts to finish by March!  I started prepping the next one over the weekend.  It combines several applique blocks from one of our classic patterns along with some new designs!

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Enter If U Dare!

Enter If U Dare!

We at Ms P Designs USA are excited to participate in the 2017 “Enter If U Dare Blog Hop”, hosted by Marian at Seams to Be Sew and sponsored by The Fat Quarter Shop and Timeless Treasures.  The event runs from October 18 through October 25,  2017.  You’ll see a variety of projects that have been created by nineteen amazing bloggers.   You can register to win one $75 gift certificate from The Fat Quarter Shop, along with a different fat quarter bundle each day, from Timeless Treasures.  We’d like to thank our host, Marian, and our generous sponsors for supporting this event.

stbs-2017-Enter If You Dare Logo
See the “Enter If U Dare Blog Hop” schedule by clicking this image.


It’s that time of year again when all the ghosties and ghoulies and things that go “bump” in the night will be dressing up for Halloween.  Instead of depicting children going trick or treating, I decided that our classic animals would have lots of fun being vampires, witches, skeletons and, especially, superheros!

Since this is our first Halloween-themed quilt pattern, I volunteered to make this year’s quilt (which is really quite a selfish act because they had me laughing as I stitched).  I have been calling them “Halloweenies,” but have since learned that is the name many other designers are using for their Halloween quilts … perhaps you can suggest a new (and fun) name for this quilt besides “2017 Halloween Quilt”!  Boring, huh?  I would love it if you would leave a comment below with name suggestions.

Drum roll please!  Here is the big reveal!  Nothing screams Halloween like orange and black!

full1Trick or Treat Halloween Wall Quilt Pattern

Count Porkula very much wants to scare his way into some tasty treats!  With a face like this, he may end up with more laughs than treats!


Count Porkula Pattern

Lucy really wanted to be a princess for Halloween, but the idea that she could fly among the bats and use magic spells absolutely thrilled her!  Don’t worry though- she is a good witch who brings happiness!


Witchy Lion Pattern

Leo, you are not fooling anyone!  No matter how clever your disguise, you’ll never convince me that you starred in “The Walking Dead”, or some other zombie movie.  In fact, I don’t even think that you are very scary!   You’d best not come back to my house to TP it, you little rascal!!!!!


Skeleton Lion Pattern

Mike (our hyena) decided that the only logical choice for his Halloween costume was to be a superhero!  However, no superhero ever said “Go ahead, make my day.” or “Do you feel lucky, punk?”.  Perhaps someone enjoys Clint Eastwood movies just a little too much…

Super Hero

Hyena Superhero Pattern

Last, but not least, it can’t be Halloween without a spooky castle, a graveyard, a full moon and bats!  It was quite a challenge to put them all together in one 7” block, and I hope that the smiling pumpkin did not frighten you too badly!


Spooky House Pattern

After all this fun and craziness, what kind of pieced block would complement my finished applique blocks?  I love log cabins, but felt they are too structured for this quilt. I call this a “Wonky Log Cabin”:


Wonky Log Cabin Pattern

As you can see, each block is different from the rest.  I fussy cut the centers so that each one had a character of its own.  Sharon and I raided our stashes, and I made a few choice selections from current fabric lines until I had enough Halloween fabric that I didn’t use the piece twice to make my wonky log cabins.  The film strip sashing took some time to plan the best way to put it all together, but I’m very happy with the results!

My friend, Linda, LOVES Halloween and is completely smitten with our Halloween critters, so she took the blocks and did her own thing (yes, the backgrounds behind the appliques are the same, but we are friends, so I shared)!  Here is her work in progress:

Linda's quilt

Linda plans to put a black rickrack “web” around the little spider to make the quilt just a little more spooky.  We will update the picture of Linda’s quilt once it is completed.

And finally, Sharon felt that she was missing out on all the fun with these critters, so she decided to use them on new hot pads for her kitchen.  These 7” square blocks are a perfect size, and aren’t they just the cutest!  Here are her wonderful creations:


I hope you have enjoyed our Halloween quilting adventures!  I would love to hear from you with any questions or comments, and we’d be thrilled to see your photos if you decide to make something with our Halloween patterns!

Happy quilting,


Animal Tamer & Fabric Acquisition Expert @ MsPDesignsUSA


And now for the Giveaways!

Please click on the images below to enter for your chance to win these fabulous prizes. The rules for the giveaways are posted below.

One $75 Gift Certificate




TT-Bundle-Oct 19
This fat quarter bundle of fun flannel fabrics!

Blog Hop Schedule:

Blog Giveaway Guidelines

Please take the time to read these guidelines.

Giveaways offered by sponsors are assigned to the various bloggers for their featured day.

You’ll have to visit the blog or the featured blog to enter the giveaways.

All winners will be announced on October 25, 2017.

You must give a valid email address when you enter the giveaways.  Any returned email will not be elligible to win.

Winners are expected to pay shipping costs for the product they won.  Cost To Ship the fabric fat quarter bundle prize is approximately $7.19 USA / Canada/Europe.  Actual shipping rates will be provided when the winner is drawn.  All US Winners bundles are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. No Exceptions.

You are given 3 days to answer the email if you have won a prize. If you do not respond within 3 days a new winner will be drawn. Check those spam/junk mail folders, you may miss that winning email if you don’t do so because there are no exceptions to this rule.

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The word giveaways in the rules and guidelines are also known as sweepstakes.



Sweet Little Elephant Baby Quilt!

At our age, it is no longer all about making quilts for our own babies.  Now our friends and relatives are having grand-babies and even great grand-babies!

My dear friend told me that her daughter is having a baby girl that is due in February. The nursery theme is elephants, and the colors are pink and yellow!  Immediately my mind jumped into high speed; we happen to have an elephant quilt pattern that would work perfect in the nursery for this new baby girl.  I figured that I would have until February to finish the quilt, since that is when the baby will arrive.  However, I learned over the weekend that her baby shower here in Texas (she lives out of state) will be on November 18th and so the mad scramble began this weekend!

First, I chose the colors:

Fabric Choices

Then, I prepped the raw edged applique pieces:

Elephant applique w no sewing

Now the fun begins!  My next step will be to blanket stitch the sweet elephant, hearts and flower garlands onto the quilt top.  We’ll keep posting pictures as the preparation for this adorable little girl’s quilt proceeds, so stay tuned for the next installment.

Here is part of the baby shower invitation.  I think our little girl elephant will do nicely for this special little one!

shower invitation


The elephant nursery quilt patterns  shown below are available for purchase from our pattern shops.  The quilt that I’m making will be from the first pattern.

Elephant Quilt w/ Flowers
Boy elephant
Elephant Quilt w/ Stars

Until next time, enjoy!

Happy Quilting,



Here We Come A-Caroling

We at Ms. P. Designs USA enjoyed being included in the 2017 year’s Christmas Caroling Row Along Event, sponsored by SeamsToBeSew .  Now that the event has ended, we decided to share our row with you in case you haven’t seen it yet.


Our mouse family is dressed in typical Victorian-era costumes.  The mouse children represent two kids that you might see when you attend any children’s choir concert: the little boy’s enthusiasm for singing far exceeds his abilities (someone must have told him to sing loud during the rehearsal), while the little girl sings because it makes her happy (and it brings us joy to watch her)!  Mother and Father Mouse are dressed in their Sunday best, enjoying the family outing.

The applique panel for our row was made using raw-edge applique, which Susan finished by hand with a blanket stitch and two strands of black embroidery floss.  The pieced star flower blocks were created by Sharon, using precision quick-piecing techniques.  We used a selection of fabrics provided by Northcott Fabrics (Thank you!), as well as fabrics from our extensive private textile collections (a.k.a. “fabric stashes”).

Our inspiration for our Christmas Caroling row, as well as our Ms P Designs logo, came from some little Christmas mouse ornaments that Susan made and sold at many craft sales in the 1990’s.  People at work referred to her as the “Mouse Lady”.  Our row brings to mind those precious little mice that made Christmas just a little bit merrier for her children during financially lean times.

Mouse Christmas Ornaments- Aren’t they the cutest!

The proceeds from sales of our “Here We Come A-Caroling” row, through October 31, 2017, will be donated to the Samaritan’s Purse Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.  We’re grateful that our families didn’t suffer significant losses during the hurricane, and we want to assist with efforts to make a positive impact on the lives of those who are still in need after the devastating effects of the storm.


Here We Come A-Caroling

“Here We Come A-Caroling” features a family of mice, dressed in Victorian costumes and celebrating the Christmas holidays by sharing the joy of song! The finished size of the row is 9″ by 30″.



And now for a bit of historical perspective about our Christmas carol:

“Here We Come A-Caroling” was written in 1850, and was sung to wish everyone good health and a Merry Christmas.  Bands of singers (usually beggars and orphans) made their way through the snowy streets of Victorian England, offering to sing good cheer if the homeowner would give them a drink, a penny, or some food to eat.  Sometimes the singers were invited inside to stand beside the warmth of the hearth and enjoy some wassail, to warm their tingling toes and fingers before they went out to continue singing the joy of the Christmas season.


Love and joy come to you,

And to you glad Christmas too,

And God bless you and send you a Happy New Year,

And God send you a Happy New Year!


Happy quilting,

Sharon and Susan