A Very Special Farm Quilt

Hi gang!  With the excitement of attending Quilt Festival (almost two weeks ago), I neglected to update you on the progress of the special farm quilt for my first-cousin once removed (yup, my cousin’s kid).

I already shared pictures of the Goat and Rooster, so here is where I am now!

Mama Hen & her Chicks

Mr. Rooster was content sharing his spotlight with the goat, but there is nothing that sets his heart on fire like cute chicks!  Mother hen proudly surveys her newborns.  It appears that they have all their beaks and cute little feet, so all is well in the coop!

Pretty Piggy

Oh my, this little piggy is certainly clean!  I felt it prudent to photograph him quickly since the smile on his face seems to imply that he has just spied a perfect mud hole to cool off on a hot summer’s day!

Little Lamb

Our little lamb looks comfy in her wool sweater.  The other sheep in the barnyard are white or black, so she feels special to be such a fabulous shade of gray!

Mr. Turkey

SSSSSShhhhhhhhhhh!  Don’t tell Mr. Turkey what happens next Thursday!  They do say that ignorance is bliss.  Doesn’t he look blissful?

Imagine if you were to use this pattern to make some adorable Thanksgiving potholders or trivets!  Sharon made these, and they’re almost too cute to use:


This weekend I am headed to my dear friend’s baby shower for her first granddaughter.  I sincerely hope that the expectant mom will love the sweet elephant quilt as much as I have enjoyed creating her!

Until next time,

Happy Quilting!