Quick Quilted Christmas Gifts, Part 3

Hi Fellow Quilters,

I hope that you’re having a fabulous day!  Rowdy & I are back with another quick quilted Christmas gift idea.  Rowdy is especially excited about this idea, since he LOVES to assist the cook with tasty morsels of food that might fall on the floor, LOL!

Idea #3: Make an apron for the cook and/ or her helper!

Create an adorable (and fashionable) appliqued apron for your favorite hostess or kitchen “helper”.   The colorful Christmas prints work together to make a festive apron, and the Christmas bear elf applique on the pocket is extra fun.

bear (5)

You can use your favorite apron pattern, or you can purchase our apron pattern to make one just like this.  Our “Christmas Holiday Applique Apron” is sized for adults, and includes the Christmas stocking bear pattern.  A full apron would work great too, if you prefer that style.  If the chef has a young helper, a set of matching aprons would be such fun.

Cut out the apron pieces, and then decide where you want to put the applique.  You can place the applique on the apron pocket, as I did, or just add the applique to the apron itself.  Finish the applique before sewing the apron, since it is much easier to applique with fabric that lays flat as you work.  You could choose a different applique to decorate your apron, if there is one that you like better than the Christmas stocking bear.  Any of Ms P’s 7″ applique block patterns would work well on an apron and you can find them in our pattern shop.

After the applique is finished, complete your apron as shown in the pattern instructions.  If your applique will be visible on the back side of the apron, you might consider lining it with a lightweight fabric to conceal the back side of the stitching for a more durable and clean finish.

I hope that you’re inspired to create something wonderful for your favorite people!

Happy quilting,



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