Welcome 2018!

Hi Fellow Quilters,

We usually don’t make (and break) New Year’s resolutions.  We set goals instead, and we try to learn from our past experiences.  We’ve set a few goals for ourselves this year, in addition to creating more whimsical patterns for Ms P Designs USA:

  • Set aside some time each quarter to work on UFO’s and/ or independent projects.  We both tend to get caught up in creating “for the shop”, and neglect the other stitching that we’d like to do too!  Both of us have full-time jobs, so the time for sewing & creating is limited to a few hours in the evening or on the weekends.  We’ve agreed that our goal will be to finish one UFO or one new project (each) per quarter.  We’ll post photos of our finishes to show our progress.  Should be fun!


  • Be much more careful with the rotary cutter blade!  This will help avoid slicing a finger again, like Sharon did in July.  😢. It is difficult to sew, or do anything really, with a bandaged index finger!  The rotary cutter is a wonderful tool, but must be treated with respect.


  • Have a box of bandages at hand, in case the previous goal fails.  Lots of bandages!  And try to not bleed on the fabric!


  • Juggle projects effectively.  We usually have several design projects in various stages of completion, all at once.  We’re getting better at this part, since we started making lists.  (But it is easy to get carried away with lists, as referenced in Sharon’s Goal.)

Color Juggle Colorful Juggling Balls Yellow Balls

  • Sharon’s Goal:  Control my obsession with “To Do” lists!  It is nice to be organized and have a plan, but this is becoming ridiculous!  I must confess that I sometimes write items that I have already completed on the list, just for the pleasure of crossing them off.  And if the list gets too messy for me, then I occasionally re-write it.  That’s possibly a waste of time.😉


  • Get organized!  Arrange the fabric in the stash so that we can see (and find!) what we have on hand.  This will save time and money, perhaps!
  • Susan’s Goal:  Avoid purchasing more quilting fabric, unless:
    • I “need” it.  (I always need it!)
    • It is on sale.  (I am thrifty, you know!)
    • I have a coupon!  (See above.)
    • It is nearly gone, and beautiful.
    • It is for a project that I have plans to make, within the next decade.
    • I don’t already have some of it in my “extensive private textile collection”.


Thank you for visiting our blog today!  What goals or resolutions do you have for 2018?  We’d love to see your comments.

Happy quilting,

Sharon & Susan