Paper Pieced Regatta

Ahoy there, Fellow Quilters,

Welcome to the Ms P Regatta!  I enjoy getting out on the water for a day of sailing or fishing, but it has been a very long time since I’ve had an opportunity to do so.  Isn’t it nice being outdoors, relaxing and enjoying the sound of the water and the motion of the waves?

Today we’ll have to use our imaginations in order to enjoy some time on the water!  Let’s take a look at some lovely foundation paper pieced boats and ships, all ship-shape and ready to take you to wherever adventure awaits.  So here we go!

Schooner Paper Pieced Pattern by Ms P Designs USA

This lovely schooner was inspired by the sailing vessel “True Love” in the movie “High Society”.  I just love the end of the movie, where the newlyweds are sailing away together, singing as they go, on the “True Love”.  So romantic!  The schooner’s sails allow the wind to push her through the water, and they can be adjusted to allow the schooner to make way even in light wind conditions.  Isn’t she a beautiful vessel!

Cruise Ship Paper Pieced Pattern by Ms P Designs USA

If you’re into luxury, a cruise ship might be more your style.  This cruise ship features several decks with cabins, restaurants, movie theaters, a disco, and even a sun deck where you can enjoy the pool.  While you’re cruising, you can visit exotic ports of call and explore the area before you board again and take off for your next destination.  Where shall we go first?  I hear that  the Mediterranean is very nice this time of the year.

Fishing Boat Paper Pieced Pattern by Ms P Designs USA

I’m sure that you’ve heard the saying “Even a bad day fishing beats a good day at the office.”  This fishing trawler is well-equipped for bringing in that big catch!  I decided to omit the nets that would usually hang from the boom, but it would be fairly easy to add them if you like.  This hard-working boat reminds me, just a little bit, of the boat that they used to hunt the big shark in “Jaws”.  Yikes!  That part of the movie was pretty intense!  I can just hear the theme music. . .

Tug Boat Paper Pieced Pattern by Ms P Designs USA

The tug boat is at your service, ready to help guide the big ships in and out of the harbor.  The tug boat’s powerful engine provides the push or pull needed to move the huge cargo ships and ocean liners to wherever they need to go.  The tug boat is hard-working, but handsome in his own way.

Cargo Ship Paper Pieced Pattern by Ms P Designs USA

And here’s the cargo ship!  I wonder what is inside those colorful containers.  Could be ‘most anything, from ‘most anywhere!  The cargo ship is ready to carry goods, worldwide.  The crane on the deck can lift the cargo containers when they are ready to offload at the port, and load again before departing to the next destination.

Nautical Quilt by Ms P Designs USA

Here’s a little quilt that I made using four of the foundation paper pieced ship blocks.  It was easy to put together, and I like the bright colorful fabrics.  I framed the ship blocks with navy and red prints, and then added the anchor print above and below the pieced block band.  Easy peasy, ship-shape, and so much fun for playtime.  Wouldn’t this be perfect for a little boy’s room?

I hope that you’ve enjoyed our little regatta today!  The patterns for our foundation pieced boats and ships are all available here on our website, if you’d like to purchase them.  We’d love to read your comments, and if you have any suggestions for boats or ships that you didn’t see today, bring ’em on!  

Happy quilting,