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July Block of the Month

Hi fellow quilters,

Welcome to our July Block of the Month!  We’ve started a Face Book group for anyone who would like to share a picture of the project you’ve made with our blocks, and we would love to have you join us,  2018 BOM .  If you’ve missed any of the BOM posts, you can catch up on our BOM page .

When I was a little girl in Montana, one of my favorite places was called “down the hill”.  Our house was at the top of the hill, with cultivated fields of wheat, barley or alfalfa at the bottom.  In between was a wondrous wild area, filled with pine trees, berry bushes, and wildflowers!  We all called it “down the hill”!  My siblings, cousins, and I spent many happy hours exploring and playing “down the hill”.  I knew the names of all of the flowers (many were names of my own invention!), and I loved to pick bouquets to present to my Mom and my Grandma (who lived just a few yards from our house!).  

This month’s block is an easy pieced Star Flower block, reminiscent of those happy childhood hours that we spent exploring “down the hill”!  Did you have a special place where you played as a child?

08 August compressed

The center of the flower is a brown batik with a texture that reminded me of a sunflower’s center.  The yellow flower petals are also a batik, and then I added some green swirly-printed leaves and a white on white floral print for the backgrounds.  If sunflowers aren’t your thing, you could certainly choose a different color for your flower!  It looks great in red, orange, purple, or pink too.

The pattern is available to purchase in Ms P’s Pattern Shop!


Here’s the miniature quilt that I made using the “Star Flower” block:

08 August BOM compressed

I framed the flower block with a narrow border, using the same brown batik that I have for the center.  The borders are checkerboard style, with a pair of low-contrast warm tan prints.  I added a simple flower applique to each corner and decorated each flower with a brown button center.

The pattern is available for purchase from Ms P’s Pattern Shop!


Thank you for stopping by for a  visit today!  I hope that you’ll enjoy making your Star Flower easy pieced block.  If you’d like to share a picture or see the pictures of projects from other quilters, please join our Facebook group,  2018 BOM  and post your quilt photo.  We love to read your comments!  Have you tried out any of the BOM patterns yet?  Your feedback would be appreciated.

Until next month- Happy quilting,



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  1. Thank you for this cute, cute block! I’m thinking it might alternate nicely with another sunflower block I received recently. I’m going to try that out this fall!


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