Back to School 2

Hi Fellow Quilters,

Sharon here today!  It’s that time of the year again.  Students and teachers are going back to school.  My students will arrive in just a few more days, and I’m almost ready.  It is always so exciting to start another school year!

I  usually take a lunch to school with me in a plastic grocery bag, since there isn’t enough time to go out for lunch, ever.  A plain plastic grocery bag is functional, but not very attractive.  This summer I decided that I would make lunch time more fun with a colorful new lunch box!

Lunch Box with Eagle Mascot by Ms P Designs USA

Isn’t it great?  There’s plenty of space inside for a delicious and healthful lunch!  I found the free pattern instructions for my lunch box on the Sew Can She blog.  The instructions were very clear and easy to follow, and I’m pleased with the finished project.  A hand-made lunch box would make a thoughtful gift for your favorite student or teacher!

I added our new Eagle football player applique to the front of my lunch box.  The school mascot for the high school where I teach is the “Golden Eagle”, and I love this cute Golden Eagle applique pattern.  You can browse our complete lineup of football mascot patterns when you click on the photo below.  If football isn’t your “thing”, any of our 7″ square applique patterns would work nicely on the front of the lunch box.

Golden Eagle football player by Ms P Designs USA

The zipper for my lunch box is green and gold, just like our school colors!  I found this zipper at JoAnn Fabric, and was really excited that I could use it for my lunch box project.  (Is it strange to get really excited about a zipper?)

Lunch Box Zipper by Ms P Designs USA

I used bold green and gold fabrics for the lunch box body, handle, and trim, making sure that they looked great with my applique and the amazingly fun zipper.

Lunch Box Fabric Selections by Ms P Designs USA

The lining of my lunch box is PUL fabric, to make it waterproof in case of leaks or spills.  I used Insul-Brite batting to reduce heat transfer between my lunch and the surroundings, so my cold food will stay cold and my hot food will stay hot.

And here’s my lunch!  Good thing too, as I am getting hungry!  (Please excuse me for a few minutes while I consume this bounty.)

Lunch time August 2018 by Ms P Designs USA

Mmmm!  That was delicious!  I wish that you could have joined me for lunch today, but I’m glad that you stopped by anyway!  What’s your favorite food to pack for lunch?  What do you remember fondly from lunch time when you were in school?  We’d love to see your comments.

Happy quilting,






3 thoughts on “Back to School 2

  1. Thanks so much for the link for the pattern. This is really cute. I checked out your mascots page and you left off one VERY important mascot – an elephant!! (Roll Tide!!) LOL

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  2. Do your students have any idea about your creative alter ego? =) This is a great lunch box. I always took whatever was left over from dinner for school lunch, though on pizza day, I was often tempted! I had a small dorm refrigerator in my class (bought with Scholastic book club points, of course!), and it was nice to have a safe place to put my lunch, and occasionally something for one of my students.

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