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My Happy Place RAL

Hi Fellow Quilters,

Welcome to the “My Happy Place” Row-Along, hosted by our friend Marian at Seams to Be Sew!   Thank you, Marian, for all of your time and planning expertise.  We’re grateful to you!  Thank you to our wonderful sponsors too!  Isn’t it great to have so many chances to win a fun and fabulous prize?  A huge thanks to Northcott Fabrics for providing the fabrics that we used to make our row this year.

Our happy place is right in front of the Christmas tree!  Christmas is a magical time, even now that our children have all grown up and moved away, because we have our pets to entertain us.

Under the Christmas Tree MHP RAL 2018 by Ms P Designs USA

Imagine a Christmas tree, decorated with colorful old-fashioned ornaments.  But wait- the helpful little mice aren’t quite finished decorating yet.  The treetop angel must be placed in the perfect position atop the tree.  The ornaments must be distributed to show them off to their best advantage.  It takes a coordinated effort to make the tree look beautiful for Christmas morning.  Thank you, little mouse friends!

Under the Christmas Tree Angel Topper by Ms P Designs USA

In the meantime, the kittens are up to some mischief in the tree.  They’ve discovered the tempting Christmas ornaments, and have started to play with them.  Let’s hope that they don’t notice the busy little mice, or we’ll have a real ruckus on our hands. . .

And finally, the patient family dog is waiting under the tree, on the lookout just in case Santa arrives before the humans wake up on Christmas morning.  “My goodness!  One of the gifts is moving.”  The lid pops open and, to his delight, a cute little pug puppy peeks out!  “Oh, yes!  I’ve been a VERY good dog this year.  Is it time to open the rest of the gifts yet?”

Under the Christmas Tree Puppy Present by Ms P Designs USA

We used the following fabrics, generously provided by Northcott Fabrics, to create our row model:

Northcott Fabrics "Hurry Up Santa" Collection
Northcott Fabrics “Hurry Up Santa” Collection
Northcott Fabrics Toscana Collection
Nortcott Fabrics “Toscana” Collection

Oh, yes, it is going to be a VERY Merry Christmas- My Happy Place!  Our “Under the Christmas Tree” row pattern is available for purchase here in Ms P’s Pattern Shop!

You can enter to win this beautiful throw-sized Tuscany Collection 100% Wool Batting ($20 value) from Hobbs Bonded Fibers.  (Thank you to Hobbs for providing this prize!)  You can find more information about this great prize and the giveaway rules on the Seams to Be Sew website.  Just click on the picture below to enter for your chance to win!  This giveaway will only be available from September 6 through September 13, so don’t miss out.  Update:  Congratulations to Ronelle S, the winner of this giveaway!  Enjoy your prize!  

 Tuscany Wool - Throw-MissP-20.00

Electric Quilt has generously provided their “Electric Quilt 8” software (Retail value $239.95 USD) as a prize for the Row Along event.  Read more about this fabulous prize on the Seams to Be Sew website.  Wouldn’t it be exciting to be the lucky winner!  Thank you, Electric Quilt!  Click on the picture below to visit the entry page, which will be available through October 7.  The entry page will be updated twice weekly, so make sure that you return to update your entry.


We’re so glad that you took the time to visit us today!  Where is your happy place?  We’d love to read your comments!  Please send us a photo of your completed “Under the Christmas Tree” row!  We’d love to include you in our “Customer Quilt Gallery”.

Until next time, happy quilting!

Sharon and Susan


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112 thoughts on “My Happy Place RAL

  1. this row would be great to use as a count to Christmas design. Add a bow or ornament to count the days!! Thanks for the lovely design.


  2. A really cute row. I love the mice. Cats and a Christmas tree are such fun. My daughter has a Minx that loves to sleep at the top of the tree by the angel. Her sister climbs the tree and the odds are the tree is going to topple if it is not tied to the walls! Thanks for sharing.


  3. A Christmas without pets would not be a happy one at our house! I’m so glad you agree and made the critters your focus for your row! It’s adorable!


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