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Football SuperStars!

Hi Fellow Quilters,

Here in Texas, high school football is KING during fall semester!  Football season starts in August, and continues into November.  We have special themed “dress up” Fridays at my high school to get everyone fired up for the big game.  Go team go!

Yes, football season can be a LOT of fun!  Today’s new “Football SuperStars” quilt pattern is for the football fans out there, and you know who you are.  

Football SuperStars Quilt by Ms P Designs USA

The “Football SuperStars” quilt pattern offers lots of flexibility, with a choice of three quilt sizes included in the packet.  You can make a crib-sized quilt (shown in the photo above) for the new baby, a throw for snuggling on the couch while you watch the big game, or a twin quilt for your young football star-to-be!  

You can choose any combination of the three block centers, all included with the pattern:

Paper Pieced Football

Football Foundation Paper Pieced Block by Ms P Designs USA

Applique Football Helmet

Football Helmet Applique by Ms P Designs USA

Easy Pieced Stars

The center blocks are surrounded by easy star blocks, making a simple yet stunning design.  If you’d like to make your own “Football SuperStars” quilt for your favorite football fan, you can purchase the pattern right here:

Football SuperStars Quilt by Ms P Designs USA

Football SuperStars Quilt Pattern

The pattern includes instructions for making the foundation paper pieced football, applique helmet, and pieced stars, as well as the larger star blocks. You’ll get a materials list for making the quilt in three sizes: 28" by 42" crib, 42" by 56" throw, or 70" by 84" twin.


I wanted to show you some “fancy stuff” that I did to personalize this throw-sized “Football SuperStars” quilt!  Susan and I spent several hours at several quilt shops, looking for the just-right selection of blue and gold fabrics.  We even forced our Mom to go along with us to the shops.  (Yes, it was a hardship.  But we all took one for the team!)  I think that it was worth it in the end.  What do you think?

Sharon's Football SuperStars Quilt

I started with the basic “Football SuperStars”quilt pattern, and then I added a few extra touches:

  • Football Mascot Applique Blocks

I used  our new “Bobcat” football mascot pattern, since I’m a proud alumni of Montana State University.  The Bobcats’ uniforms are blue, gold, and white to match our school colors.  We have additional mascot patterns available in our pattern shop too!  If you don’t see your mascot, please let us know!  We have more mascot patterns in progress, so we may be able to help you out.

  • Small Block Letters for Mascot Jerseys

I added a little letter “M” on my players’ jerseys, for Montana!  These little letters are perfect for personalizing the quilt for your team or your favorite player.

Small Block Letters and Numbers for Football Mascot Jerseys

These little letters and numbers are just the right size for your football mascot's jersey! The pattern includes A-Z and 1-9!


  • Larger Block Letters for Team Spirit Block

I used larger block letters to add a cheer to my football quilt.  “Go Team Go!” You could add a name too, if you like.

Block Letters for Team Cheer and Personalization

The larger set of block letters includes A-Z and 1-9. Sized just right for adding a cheer or a name to your quilt blocks!


  • Huge Block Letter

We didn’t create a pattern for this block.  I just used some gridded paper and drew a HUGE “M”, for Montana.  I drew another, smaller, M inside the huge one because I thought it would look better with some contrast.  And then I appliqued my “M”‘s onto a square of background fabric.  It was easy.  I like it!  You could do the same thing with your school’s letter.

I hope that you enjoyed reading about our “Football SuperStars” quilts today!  Are YOU ready for some football?  Do you have a favorite team that you root for every week?

Happy quilting,


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