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Born in the Rockies! Part 2

Hi Fellow Quilters,

Last week in our blog post, I introduced you to several of the amazing Rocky Mountain animals who are featured on our “Born in the Rockies” quilt.  Today you’ll meet the rest of the gang.

Bighorn Sheep by Ms P Designs USA

The bighorn sheep ram has magnificent curled horns that can weigh up to 30 pounds! Bighorn ewes have horns too, but theirs are much smaller.  These beautiful animals are legendary for their ability to climb high, steep mountains.  This bighorn ram is just showing off for the ladies!  Do you think that they’ll be impressed?

Bobcat by Ms P Designs USA

The bobcat is an amazing hunter! She is beautiful and brave, and her bobbed tail is  much shorter than most other wild cats’ tails.  Even though the bobcat is smaller than a lynx, the easiest way to distinguish them is by looking at their tail!  A bobcat’s tail is black on top and white on the bottom, while a lynx’s tail is completely black.

Elk by Ms P Designs USA

The elk, a.k.a. wapiti, is the largest member of the deer family.  The bull elk’s amazing antlers can grow as much as 4 feet above his head!  Elk herds spend the summer grazing in the high mountain pastures, and then they move to lower areas as winter sets in.  The male wapiti have battles in the fall, bugling and head-butting, to win the attentions of the females.  I’m not sure how well this little guy would fare in an elk battle, but he has a winning smile that is very appealing!

Mountain Goat by Ms P Designs USA

The mountain goat has a wonderful warm two-layered coat.  The overcoat is shed in the summer, giving her a shaggy appearance, and then it grows back again to protect her from the winter cold.  Mountain goats’ hooves have pliable rubbery pads on the bottom, providing traction for doing what they’re most famous for- climbing the steep rocky mountains!  This mountain goat seems a little surprised by how high she has climbed today.

Pheasant by Ms P Designs USA

The ring-necked pheasant is not really a native to the Rocky Mountains.  This colorful (and tasty!) game bird was introduced to the Columbia River area in 1881, and the species eventually spread throughout the Northwest.  We had a group of wild ring-necked pheasants on the farm where I grew up.  They were beautiful, and such fun to watch as they searched for fallen grain in the field!

Wolf by Ms P Designs USA

The wolf is wonderfully complex character!  Wolves live and hunt in organized groups called packs, usually made up of Mom & Dad Wolf plus their offspring.  As the younger wolves grow up, they will eventually leave the pack and start a family of their own.  Wolves are quite intelligent and beautiful creatures.  Our wolf is neither big nor bad, as you can plainly see.

Flying Geese by Ms P Designs USA

I chose the “Flying Geese” pieced block to complement the appliqued animals.  Flocks of Canadian geese were frequent visitors to nearby farms, as they would often take a break during their fall migration to eat the grain that was left behind in the fields after the harvest was finished.  They’re quite a noisy, but beautiful crowd!  I used a quick piecing technique to make my flying geese blocks, so they went together quite easily.  I love the illusion of movement provided by the flying geese blocks!

If you would like to make your own “Born in the Rockies” quilt, the pattern is available for purchase in Ms P’s Pattern Shop!


Born in the Rockies by Ms P Designs USA

The animal applique patterns are all available for puchase in our pattern shop.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed your visit to the Rocky Mountains!  Do you have a favorite mountain animal?  We’d love to read your comments.

Happy quilting,