Oh Shoot!

Hi Quilting Friends,

This year we set a few goals for ourselves, one of mine being to take more photos!  (Read about our goals here, if you like.)  I decided that it is time to show a few of the pictures that I’ve taken so far this year.  You won’t see any photos of quilts here, but there are actually other things that one can photograph!  And so, with no further ado, here are my “best” photos from January and February:

  • The Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse

Total Lunar Eclipse January 2019

If you are thinking, “This just looks like a totally black picture,” then you’re right.  Although I really tried to get a great shot of the eclipse, my camera didn’t want to (or could not) cooperate.  I suppose that I was expecting too much from it, because I already knew that it isn’t a great camera for night photography. 

The moon was there, all right, huge, red, and beautiful, but I just couldn’t capture it with the camera.  So I kept this totally black picture to remind me of the evening that I spent outside with my neighbors, watching the moon get darker and then lighter again as Earth’s shadow crossed over it.  Sometimes it is more about the memory than it is about the photograph!

  • Our Fun Sunday Afternoon at Cullen Park in Houston


Cullen Park is a fun place to go and enjoy a walk in the woods, especially on a crispy winter’s day!  The trees are (mostly) still bare, and the branches against the blue sky are lovely.  I keep thinking that I should make a small quilt with just branches and sky, maybe some water too, but I haven’t gotten round to that yet.

Rowdy adores playing ball on the softball field when the human players aren’t there, and then taking a nice walk afterward.  It had rained quite a lot during the week before we went to the park.  Rowdy was acting like a puppy,  splashing around in the puddles.  He seemed to think that it was a hilariously funny joke to drop his ball in the middle of a puddle and then look to us to retrieve it for him.  See, he’s smiling!  We will not even discuss the condition of our vehicle after transporting that happy, tired, and soggy doggy home again.

  • My Gorgeous Japanese Magnolia (in the backyard)


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This gorgeous Japanese magnolia is the first plant in our backyard to bloom each spring.  It is planted right next to our garage, and I can see it when I’m sitting at the kitchen table.  Each year I try to get some nice pictures of the blossoms, but I frequently wait too long and then the wind blows the petals away before I capture them on film.  Aren’t they beautiful!

And that’s it!  I hope that you’ve enjoyed my photos and the stories behind them.  It has been fun to take photos of things that aren’t quilts!  I’m already looking for interesting things to photograph for the next post.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Happy quilting,


2 thoughts on “Oh Shoot!

  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures! Rowdy is such a cutie pie! And, your magnolia is gorgeous. I love those “tulip” trees (as most people call them!! LOL I just wish the blooms lasted longer. The Bradford pear trees are blooming here in AL also! Beautiful!


  2. Those magnolia’s are popping up over here also. I think they are just beautiful. I would have loved to see a moon in your picture, but I’m glad you have your memories.


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