2019 Goal Post, First Quarter

Hi Quilting Friends,

Here we are, almost to the end of the first quarter of 2019!  Whew.  Where did the time go? We’re here today with a progress report for our 2019 goals, from our post back in January.  (So that would be called our “Goal Post”, right?  LOL!)  Progress has been made, but there is more to be done!

Sharon goes first today:

  • Goal #1- Organize my fabric storage area 

Um, not so much.  Most of my fabric is stored in a small linen closet upstairs.  Here’s a “Before” picture, for reference:

Fabric storage Before

Looks like a fabric explosion, right?  It is (mostly) sorted by color, but I have too much stuff in too little space.  It’s no wonder that I spend so much time trying to find things.  I know that I can do better than this!  My collection deserves some shelf space.

I have started rearranging my fabric stash, and that may have been a mistake on my part!  So far all I have to show for my efforts is a gi-normous mess in the guest room.  I was probably fooling myself into thinking that I would have time for a project like this right now, since I work full-time as a high school science teacher.  Most days I don’t have the energy to tackle anything more than a walk with Rowdy and a bit of light housework after I get home from school. 

I need to organize the mess that I’ve made, at least a little, since I hope that our son, Nathan (and Naomi the grand-dogger) will be back for another visit (or two or three) before summer is here again.   They will need some space to sleep, in the guest room!

This goal will become a higher priority on June 3 (after school is out for the summer) when I will have more time to spare for it.  I also intend to make a visit (or two or three) to San Antonio, during which I shall deliver some of Nathan’s things to him.    

  • Goal #2- Complete at least one UFO per quarter

Check!  Here’s a link to my blog post about my finished UFO project for the first quarter!  I just love it!  

Sharon's Gnome for the Holidays Quilt

And I’ve already chosen the next UFO to complete, so I’ll be getting started on it soon.  It will be the pickle dish table topper that I mentioned in the linked UFO post.  What fun!  And who knows- I might just have time for a second project next quarter.

  • Goal #3- Make the backyard garden great again 

In progress, but slow due to my allergies. 

I’ve started clearing out weeds and trimming shrubs in the existing flower beds.  There is a lot of stuff that needs to be pulled out and cut back, since we’ve had a very warm winter this year.  Here are some “before” pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once everything has been cleaned up, which will take a while longer, I intend to add a few flowers to the the containers on the concrete patio, in the area around stone patio, and in the flower bed near the back fence.  They  look a little bare, and I LOVE flowers!

The pond hasn’t been cleaned out for several years, and my water plants desperately need to be re-potted.  This whole job is much more pleasant when the water is warmer, so I will wait until April to tackle it.  

The area in the corner, near the bird bath, is totally overgrown and I don’t even like the plants that are growing there.  I may go ahead and take everything out in order to start again with something that I like better.

Spring is a challenge for me, mostly because I’m very allergic to tree pollens.  The weather is beautiful, the temperature is perfect, and I’d love to spend hours outside in the garden, but I have to limit my outdoor time so I won’t sneeze myself silly.  Progress is slow right now, but I’ll keep on working toward my goal.  I promise to have some “after” pictures for the next update at the end of June!

  • Goal #4- Take some nice pictures! 

Check!  Here’s a link to my blog post with the best of my photos from January and February.  I’m calling this series of blog posts “Oh Shoot!”  Look for similar posts throughout the year, since it is going to be a series.  

Oh Shoot by Ms P Designs USA

But wait!  How is Susan doing on her 2019 goals?  Keep reading . . .

  • Goal #1: King-sized bed quilt

Check!  Although the quilt isn’t finished yet, progress is being made!  Have a look at my quilt, so far, in this post.  

Flying Geese block by Ms P Designs USA

  • Goal #2: Quilt of Valor for my favorite father-in-law

In progress.  I’ve chosen a pattern and purchased fabrics (probably WAY more than I need), so am still deciding which fabrics will work best.  Guess I will revisit during the second quarter.

  • Goal #3: Read something that’s not ucky work stuff! 

Check!  I have been feeding my penchant for historical fiction.  I’ve finished reading all five of Philippa Gregory’s “War of the Roses” books and also a series of four books about Lady Macbeth, the Queen of Scotland, by Melanie Karsak.  I thoroughly enjoyed every one of them.  Yay me!  But the quest for more reading materials continues. . . Do you have a specific book or series that you loved?  I’d love to have some recommendations please! 

  • Goal #4: Create, just for the fun of it!

I am always busy creating new things for the shop and found a delightful way to incorporate some of our existing designs into Christmas stockings for our grand-nieces, as well as a family friend!  You will have to wait until December, during our “12 Days of Christmas” event, to see the stockings.  Let’s just say that I have one down and two more to go!  I’m having loads of fun playing with felt, beads and sequins!

Progress is also being made on a design for a Quilt-Along that Sharon and I have decided to share with our friend, Linda, during the summer months.  If you can keep a secret, this new pattern will be featured as our 2020 QAL, so we are testing it before you can see it!  We should be ready to share a sneak peek of a project in progress in September’s “Goal Post”.

Thanks for visiting today!  Did you set any goals for 2019?  How are you progressing on them, so far?  We love to hear from you!

Happy quilting,

Sharon & Susan

2 thoughts on “2019 Goal Post, First Quarter

  1. Good Morning Ladies! I had to laugh right out loud at your fabric closet, Sharon, and the now gi-normous mess in the guest room. You will get it tackled, but I so understand the lack of motivation after coming home from school. And we all know it only gets worse the closer it gets to June. Did you get to enjoy a Spring break yet? That may help you find a bit more energy. Great goals, both of you – and you are both doing fabulously meeting them. Sharon you’re at 75% since you have the yard work started – I have allergies issues too, and Susan is at about 90%. Super duper. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Hi Roseanne! So glad that you enjoyed our post this morning. I had spring break a couple of weeks ago, which was nice. I’m looking forward to having more time & energy when school is out, but I know that it is a long way off at this point. I guess that I need to try harder though, as I always try to get to 100%. ;0) Happy quilting,

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