Oh Shoot!, Volume 2

Hi Quilting Friends,

I’m back again with my “best” photos from March and April (so far!).  You won’t see any photos of quilts here, but I have found some lovely things in the great outdoors that make pretty good subjects for a photo shoot.  Some of them might even be a source of inspiration for color & texture combinations in a quilt!

This Bud’s For You!

Spring is bustin’ out all over!  We’re in full-blown Spring mode in Houston, with a transition into summer coming on before we’re ready for it, and there are flowers just about everywhere.  Here are a few pictures of the flowers that Rowdy and I have seen on our walks during March:

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Do you have a favorite Spring flower?  I had thought that I love iris the best, but that wisteria has me reconsidering that choice.  It is simply gorgeous!

The Bane of My Existence (in the Spring)

The trees are getting into the act as well!  Here is a photo of the source of the bane of my existence during February, March, and April.  The Quercus quercus tree, also known as the live oak, spews out pollen from these little catkins, and it makes me suffer.  The air quality is getting better now that most of them have fallen out of the trees. 

Source of the Bane of My Existence by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

The Handsome Photobomber

And here’s another picture of Rowdy, in case you’ve missed him since my previous “Oh Shoot” post.  I think that he is quite photogenic, and he agrees.  The green squeaky toy is his current favorite entertainment.

Rowdy by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my photos today!  I had lots of fun, looking all around and up and down for interesting and beautiful things to photograph and share.  Please stop by again soon!  Our next blog post will have some quilt pictures, I promise.

Happy quilting,


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  1. Aww, Rowdy is quite handsome and deserves the best photobomber label. I love his green ball that he keeps close by. You never know when someone might want to throw it for you! ~smile~ Roseanne

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