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Something Spooky This Way Comes. . .

Hi Quilting Friends,

I know!  It is only August, and it doesn’t feel like Halloween yet.  But it will be here before you know it, and I’m ready to share our new “Something Spooky” quilt design with you.

Halloween Quilt 2019 "Something Spooky This Way Comes" by Ms P Designs USA

This adorable quilt features five brand-new animal applique designs, with animals who are all dressed up for trick-or-treating!  I’ve added some wonky churn dash blocks with fussy-cut centers to the mix, and topped it off with our film-strip pieced sashing.  

I used a selection of Halloween prints from our private textile collection (fabric stash) to make the churn dash blocks and applique backgrounds, and chose a variety of bright prints and blenders for the applique pieces.  Isn’t it fun!

And now for the applique animal designs:

Astronaut Hedgehog by Ms P Designs USA

3-2-1-0!  Lift off!  Harley (or maybe Hazel?) the hedgehog has always dreamed of space travel, and so he (or she?) decided to dress up as an astronaut for Halloween.  I wonder if there is an extra pocket in that uniform for some candy treats. .  .

Belly Dancer Alligator by Ms P Designs USA

Cue the music!  Alana the alligator wanted an exotic costume, and what could be more exotic than belly dancing?  Her sparkly veils and colorful swirly skirt make the perfect reptilian costume for Halloween fun.

Bride of Frankenstein Cow by Ms P Designs USA

Here comes the bride!  And, judging by her updo, she’s planning to marry Frankenstein.  Well, actually, it is Claire the cow.  She’s ready for the Halloween party, and carries a roomy bag that will soon be filled with treats! 

Mummy Cat by Ms P Designs USA

Mum’s the word!  Don’t tell, but Chester the cat may have shredded his Mommy’s sheets to make his Halloween mummy costume, and he did a great job of wrapping himself up for trick-or-treating.  I think that this description is just about wrapped up too.

Werewolf Monkey by Ms P Designs USA

Beware!  The scary old werewolf is on the prowl, with his terrible claws and his spine-chilling howl.  Wait a minute- see that tails that cute little tummy?  That’s not a scary werewolf; it’s only Miguel the monkey!  He looks mighty ferocious in that werewolf costume, and he looks mighty hungry too.  Quick!  Get some treats for him.


The wonky churn dash blocks were fun to make with a selection of orange prints and Halloween fabrics.  I used a quick method for making the half-square triangles, with some paper piecing for the side portions of the block, but the fun part was fussy-cutting to make the center square on each block.

This is our third Halloween-themed quilt.  In case you missed them last time, here are some photos of the previous Halloween designs.  You can click the photo below to read about each quilt.

Our 2018 Halloween quilt:

Halloween 2018 Quilt by Ms P Designs USA

Our 2017 Halloween quilt:

Halloween 2017 Quilt pattern by Ms P Designs USA

We’re happy to offer these fun Halloween patterns in Ms P’s Pattern Shop, if you’re interested in making your own quilt or another project for some Halloween fun!

Which character is YOUR favorite?  I have several, including Count Porkula from the 2017 quilt and the Mad Scientist owl from the 2018 quilt.  I still can’t decide which is my favorite of the 2019 designs; just too close to call!  Are we missing any animal costumes that you’d like to see?   We’re open to suggestions, because the 2020 Halloween quilt design will be here before you know it.  

Happy quilting,



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  1. Oh, I have to go with Claire the Cow for 2019! The subtle reminder of Young Frankenstein is too adorable to choose anyone else! All three quilts are fabulous, but 2019 might be the best yet! Football player and cheerleader? The Great Pumpkin? a Minion? I know there are copyrights there, but something similar?


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