2019 Goals Update, Part 4

Hi Quilting Friends,

Here we are, at the end of 2019!  Whew.  Where did the time go? We’re here today with one final progress report about our goals for 2019. 

Susan’s turn first this time:

Goal #1: King-sized bed quilt 

Still at the quilter’s (it has been there since July 28 … should I be worried???), and in the queue.

Goal #2: Quilt of Valor for my favorite father-in-law 

I’ve been having SO much fun, creating for the fun of it, that I’ve set this project aside for now. Perhaps it will remain in my queue next year!

Goal #3: Read already!

I finished my Sarah Woodbury “After Cilmari” series and have been reading books that were my Grandmother’s favorites. Just finishing up the 4 book series “The Emigrants” by Wilhelm Moberg and have started a book called “Come Spring.” These books are about people who made the decision to settle in new lands when America was very young and the threat of Indians and civil war were very real. By reading these books, it makes me think of what our forefathers endured to create our great nation as we know it today.

Goal #4: Create, just for the fun of it!

This year, I had fun creating Christmas stockings (13 total) that will eventually become patterns for our shop. Four of the designs were created because my daughter was “concerned” that I was running out of storage space in my little house, so she “volunteered” to store four stockings on her mantle! What a great kid I have; so helpful!

We released two of the new stocking patterns in our 12 Days of Christmas blog event, here are pictures:

Rocket Monkey Stocking by Ms P Designs USA
Rocket Monkey

Polar Pals Stocking by Ms P Designs USA
Polar Pals
Ugly Sweater Fox Stocking by Ms P Designs USA
Blayke’s Fox was added as an example of how I used our new Ugly Sweater fox pattern.

I have been working on lots of other fun projects, but I’m not ready to share them with you yet! They included special potholders to match my daughter’s kitchen as well as a quilt that Sharon and I created together (my daughter helped cut it out) for mom’s special 80th Birthday!

What has Sharon been doing?  Here we go!

Goal #1- Organize my fabric storage area 

Check! It is still organized. Yay me! Now I have more time to “play”, since I don’t have to spend as much time hunting for my tools & supplies. I’m SO glad that I set this goal and finished it.

I recently purchased some comic book backers, cardboard pieces that I can use to wrap my fabric and make little bitty fabric bolts. The photo below shows some of my fabrics, already wrapped. My collection will be easier to see when the smaller pieces are sitting upright, side by side, and it will look like my very own tiny quilt shop when I’m done! I’ll snap another picture to share when I get this task completely finished.

Fabric stash storage by Sharon Ms P Designs USA
Sharon's fabric stash @ Ms P Designs USA
Goal #2- Complete at least one UFO per quarter 

Check! I finished my stained glass dragonfly wall hanging during the 4th quarter. Click the picture to read about it and to see my other 2019 “finishes”!

Dragonfly Quilt by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
Goal #3- Make the garden great again

Still nothing much, unless you count getting up on the ladder to clean out the gutter on the front of the garage and sweeping the patio once a week.

I pulled out a bunch of vines that were totally overgrown, so now there’s room to plant something different. What to plant there? I don’t really know yet; I just haven’t been motivated to think about it. Spring will bring inspiration, along with pleasant temperature, tempting plants in the garden center, loads of tree pollen, and renewed energy (I hope!). This goal will probably continue for 2020, since I am not content with my lack of progress.

Goal #4- Take some nice pictures! 

Check! I’ve made six posts for my “Oh Shoot!” series this year. This was fun, so I might do it again next year. Click on the picture below to see my most recent pictures.

Oh Shoot Volume 6 by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

We’ll be back soon with our goals for 2020!  Thanks for visiting today!  Did you set any goals for 2019?  How did YOU do?  We love to hear from you!

Happy quilting,

Sharon & Susan

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  1. I had some, and I hit some. I’ll be making more lists for 2020. I’m that kinda woman! LOL I love seeing the variety in your goals and the results, as well. Your scraps are going to be so organized!


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