April PHD Update

Hi Quilting Friends,

Here’s what I’ve been working on since my last update!

Project #5: Make something with these tools
Rulers and foundations

The center of my red and white pineapple quilt is complete, and the “Perfect Pineapples” foundation papers have all been removed. My pineapples are indeed perfect! I’ll add a white border with holly leaf appliques for my next step. Here’s a picture of the quilt as it is right now:

Project #10: Scrappy Goose Trails Quilt

After some careful calculations, I’ve scrapped my design plan for this fabric pull because I didn’t have quite enough of the gray fabric. (That can happen when one purchases fabric without having a carefully planned design!) So the name will change from “Goose Trails” to something undetermined at this time.

I’m quite pleased with my new idea, which is a throw quilt that has two alternating pieced blocks. I’ve finished putting the top together, and I have a 3″ strip of gray left over. (Nothing like cutting it close, right?) I think that the block on the left is my own original block design. The block on the right is a variation of the Wild Goose Chase block that we’ve used before.

Project #11: Wonky Halloween Sampler Quilt

I need some black solid Kona cotton for my sashings & borders on this quilt. I normally keep at least a yard on hand, because I use it so frequently. Who’d have ever thought that every single local store would be out of stock on this fabric (and every other brand of solid black quilting cotton). The fabric that I ordered online will arrive soon, so I’ll be able to finish up when it arrives. (Too bad that I don’t have any other projects to work on! LOL!)

New Projects

Even though I’m still working (from home), I have more time to sew and that is apparent from the number of new projects that I’ve started this month!

Garden Party Row-Along, model #1. My row is stitched with fabrics that we had on hand. No pictures for this yet; I must wait until the Row Along event in September! (Hint, hint- think “pieced flowers”, all in a row!)

Pillow cover with a “Granny’s Star” block is finished, but I’m saving the photo reveal for next month’s “It’s Cool to Be Square” blog hop. Here’s my black & white Granny’s star:

Granny's Star Block by Ms P Designs USA

Our new Christmas quilt design is due for release in July. I’ve made several wild goose chase blocks for the model. Susan designed and stitched the applique blocks for this project- Santa, Mrs. Claus, elves, and reindeer too. This project is ready for quilting, and I can’t wait to share it with you! However a promise is a promise, and I’ve promised Susan that I won’t share too much quite yet. Here’s a picture of just one Wild Goose Chase block:

Christmas Wild Goose Chase by Ms P Designs USA

Our June pattern release is called “My Hero”, a salute to police officers. Susan and I split the sewing on this project as well- I did the piecing and she did the applique. We’re not quite finished yet, but here’s a sneaky peek at two of the blocks:

Here’s my updated spreadsheet for 2020:

And my PHD progress spreadsheet:

End April Tally by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

Happy quilting,


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