June OMG? Ta-Done!

Hi Quilting Friends,

My goal for June was to quilt my extra-huge king-sized scrappy purple and gold batik quilt. I’ve put off quilting this project for at least 5 years (maybe up to 10 years?), but I’m happy to report that the quilting part is finally finished. Here’s a picture so you can see:

I used a simple grid pattern to quilt this beauty, with variegated Sulky thread in a gold-to-brown range. The thread blends beautifully with my batik fabrics, and I’m very happy with the results.

Next up will be the binding, using the same fabric that I used for both narrow borders. Thank goodness that I had the presence of mind to cut the strips and prepare the binding at the time I was piecing the top, as fabric tends to find its way into other projects if the wait time for finishing is extended. (I’ve made that mistake more than once, and finally learned how to avoid it!)

I’m excited to get the last stitches in and start enjoying this gorgeous quilt in my master bedroom.

Happy quilting,


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