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Christmas Cheer!

Hi Quilting Friends,

Whew! It is HOT here in Houston, Texas. July has arrived with a vengeance, so we’re hunkering down inside with the AC blasting and an icy beverage close at hand. Even though it is mid-summer, we’ve been thinking about Christmas!

We’re SEW excited to introduce our 2020 Christmas design, “Christmas Cheer”! Santa and all of his helpers are cheerfully making preparations for the “Big Night”. Come with us for a peek inside Santa’s Workshop, but first take a quick look at the quilt!

Christmas Cheer Quilt by Ms P Designs USA

“Christmas Cheer” features a combination of piecing and applique that result in a whimsical yet traditional quilt that works well with your holiday decorations. Each applique block has pieced corners, which blend in with the alternating wild goose chase blocks. The quilt borders are festooned with holly leaves and berries.

Now, let’s meet Santa’s North Pole Workshop crew!

Handstand Elf by Ms P Designs USA

Hank left his former life as a circus performer to work with Santa at the North Pole, and he’s never regretted his career change. Hank specializes in jaw-dropping acrobatics and toy making.

Candy the Elf by Ms P Designs USA

Candy enjoys long walks in the snow when she’s not busy creating mouth-watering confections in the North Pole kitchens. Candy’s favorite colors are red and white, and her favorite flavor is peppermint, of course!

Joy of Giving Elf by Ms P Designs USA

Joy enjoys her job in the gift-wrapping department, and her creative packaging brings a smile to all of the good little boys and girls on Christmas morning. Joy’s favorite Christmas song? Why, “Joy to the World” of course!

Nice List Elf by Ms P Designs USA

Leonard has extremely legible handwriting! As keeper of the legendary “List”, Leonard is responsible for checking the list. Leonard must make sure that everyone has been assigned to the correct section!

Gift Lifting Elf by Ms P Designs USA

Gilbert used to be a farmer, doing the heavy work of stacking bales in the barn or feeding the chickens, but a few years ago he left the rural scene and relocated to the North Pole where he helps lift large gifts into Santa’s sleigh.

Jingle Bell Elf by Ms P Designs USA

Jingle is Santa’s toy-tester! Each toy that is produced in Santa’s North Pole Workshop must undergo rigorous testing before it is delivered to the recipient. Jingle’s attention to detail ensures that all of the good little boys and girls will have perfect toys on Christmas morning.

Mrs. Santa Claus by Ms P Designs USA

Santa’s better half, Mrs. Claus, makes sure that Santa and the Elves are well-nourished and full of energy! Her special sugar cookies provide a perfectly balanced diet for the hard-working crew.

Santa's Reindeer by Ms P Designs USA

Santa’s sleigh would never leave the ground without his dedicated team of magical reindeer! Let’s hear it for Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen! Now, Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen! Come on, girls, pull!

Rudolf by Ms P Designs USA

Santa need not worry about getting lost, not even on the darkest, foggiest, snowiest Christmas Eve. Rudolph’s bright red nose serves as a guiding beacon to light the way, sort of like the lights on a jumbo jet.

Santa with Presents by Ms P Designs USA

And now, the man of the hour! We’re pleased to introduce the jolly old elf himself – Santa Claus, aka Kris Kringle, aka Saint Nicholas, aka Father Christmas, aka Santa. (Hmmmm. . . Any ideas about why such a nice guy needs so many aliases? Just asking for a friend.)

So that’s our peek at Santa’s North Pole Workshop crew! The “Christmas Cheer” individual block patterns are all available for purchase in Ms P’s Pattern Shop.

Christmas Cheer Quilt
  • Finished Size = 57″ x 57″
  • Includes
    • Patterns for all ten applique blocks
    • Holly & berry applique templates
    • Instructions for Wild Goose Chase blocks
    • Instructions for finishing the quilt top
  • Only $20 USD
Christmas Cheer Quilt by Ms P Designs USA

Thanks for stopping by today! We hope that our cheerful Christmas designs brought a smile to your face.

Happy quilting,

Sharon & Susan

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  1. This is adorable, and your stories only add to it. What fun to read. You are creative in more than one area! The pieced block is great, too. I think Santa is a retired cat burglar, hence the alias plethora. You might have noticed he is skilled at entering people’s homes, but now he leaves things behind instead of taking them.

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