Mid-October PHD Progress

Hi Quilting Friends,

Here’s what I’ve been working on since my last update! It isn’t much, but I’ve made a little progress in the past 2 weeks.

Project #7: Make a wall hanging from one of these patterns
More Patterns

I’ve finished quilting, at last! It was slow going, since I only have time to sew for an hour or two on the weekends, but I like it a LOT! You can’t really see much of the quilting in this picture. I used clear nylon thread and stitched close to the raw edge of the applique pieces with a straight stitch. The narrow binding will match the outer borders, and I’ll add a hanging sleeve for display. I love the pine cone batik that I used for the outer border.

New Projects:

Who are we kidding here? I don’t even have any new projects at the moment. I have dreams of new projects, but no time or energy for it since September. I will have a week off from school for Thanksgiving, so maybe I can get my sewing mojo back by then. I hope so!

Here’s my updated spreadsheet for 2020, which has finally earned another colored cell. I will probably be able to finish project #8 by the end of this month! Yay! Project #7? Not so much. It may have to be continued. . .

Happy quilting,


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  1. Your statement that you haven’t had time or energy to sew since September because of school touches me on a personal level. Last weekend I finally had my fist chance to sew all school year!

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