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12 Days of Christmas – Day 5

Hi Quilting Friends,

Welcome to Day 5 of the “12 Days of Christmas” series! I’m glad that you’ve stopped by for a visit today, even during this busiest time of the year.

I’m a list maker. I have gift lists, menu lists, grocery lists, project lists, and a list of my lists. (OK. So I might be a bit obsessive with the list thing, but it works for me.) I may even write things on the list that I’ve already done, just for the pleasure of crossing something off of the list.

Notebook Cover by Ms P Designs USA

With all of the lists that I have going at this time of the year, I decided that it would be fun to make a pretty cover for my notebook of lists. And, of course, I decorated the front cover with our “Naughty or Nice List” elf! (So appropriate!) I don’t have a pattern to share for this project, since the sizes are dependent upon the size of your own notebook. The applique block is 7″ x 7″, so I used a standard spiral notebook.

Notebook Inside by Ms P Designs USA

I’ve added some pockets on the inside flaps, perfect for keeping a pencil or small ruler handy, and a secure zippered pocket on the back cover for coupons and stuff that you don’t want to lose when you’re out and about on your secret missions.

Notebook Inside by Ms P Designs USA

Giveaway time! Congratulations to Joyce C, winner of the “Naughty or Nice List” elf pattern!

The “Naughty or Nice List” elf pattern is available to purchase from Ms P’s Pattern Shop.

Nice List Elf by Ms P Designs USA

Please come back again tomorrow to see what Susan has created!

Happy quilting,


7 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas – Day 5

  1. I am a hopelessly addicted list maker. I make lists for so many things. How many? I’m not sure I could count them all. Well for starters, there’s my gift list, my project list, my embroidery list, a list for each project that requires several steps to complete, a list for things I need to get to complete projects, and on and on…

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  2. I am a list maker also. I love the feeling when I cross something off as done. But I rarely complete everything on my list. I just make a new one and add the items yet to do. The notebook cover is a nice idea for a notebook.

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  3. Your elf is so cute. Thank you for the chance to win. I am definitely a list maker. I make list to take to the grocery store. I make a list of the items I need to cut. I make a list of how many I have cut. I make a list of the things I want to make, etc, etc. I have list all over my sewing room, but I would forget a lot of things if I didn’t make a list. The older I get, the harder it is to keep up. LOL

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  4. I am not a list maker, but I should be!! I’ve made lists at times in my life and seem to accomplish a LOT more when I do it. Without the list I tend to forget 80% of what I’m supposed to be doing so a lot of things don’t get done. Maybe that should be my 1st New Year’s resolution – make lists for everything!!!! Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂
    wvoaks at comcast dot net

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