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My Stitching Resolution – 2021 Goals

Hi Quilting Friends,

Welcome to the “My Stitching Resolution” blog hop, brought to us by our quilting friend Carla at “Creatin’ in the Sticks”! (Thanks Carla!!) We’re looking forward to reading about the stitching plans that everyone has for the New Year. You’ll find the list of participating bloggers at the end of this post. Visit them! See what they are planning for 2021!


“Hey, 2020! Don’t let the door hit you on your way out!” What an “interesting” year it has been! (I have learned that saying something is “interesting” instead of saying what I really think can help me stay out of trouble.) This year we’ve lived with a pandemic, natural disasters, civil unrest, and plenty of political shenanigans from every side, along with all of the “usual stuff” associated with life. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to send 2020 on its way and move on.

Mind you, it hasn’t been all bad around here. Our family has been fortunate in that we are all in good health and everyone who needs to work is still working. I’ve re-connected with several friends via more frequent phone calls and a few socially distanced meet-ups, so that has been a blessing as well. The “stay home” orders in the spring were a gift of time to work on my quilting projects. One can find some sunshine in most situations if you take the time to look for it, and that sunny outlook helps manage the “interesting” aspects of life.

So here are my stitching resolutions for 2021! I have five goals for 2021, and four of them are about stitching.

Sharon’s 2021 Goals

Goal #1 – Play With My “Toys”

So many choices, with limited time. I have rulers, patterns, and a few special packs of foundation papers to choose from. I am still deciding about which of the “toys” I will play with this year, but I promise that I’ll play with at least one or two of them.

Goal #2 – Finish One Enormous UFO Quilt

I have four or five large UFO quilts lurking in my studio, and I’m going to choose one to finish this year. All of them need to be quilted and have the binding added. When I decide upon the lucky “winner”, I’ll post a picture.

Goal #3- Get the Scrap Situation Under Control!

I have an abundance of fabric scraps in every imaginable hue. I sorted some of my scraps this fall, and made fun scrappy storage baskets in several colors. My “sewing mojo” has been gone since school started, so it was nice to discover an enjoyable project that I could finish in an afternoon. Yes, I may be addicted to scrappy box-making.

Scrappy Boxes by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

I’m going to continue sorting scraps and finish making the remainder of my “rainbow of scrappy storage boxes” this year. And, perhaps, I’ll end up making a scrappy quilt or two as I get inspired by my “finds” in the scrap bins!

Goal #4 – Participate in the Online Quilting Community

There are so many great opportunities to connect with other quilters online! We’ll keep participating in blog hops with our quilting friends, because we both enjoy them. I’m going to continue with Elm Street Quilts’ “One Monthly Goal”, since I like setting & meeting a small goal each month. I’ll join Quilting Gail to work on my PHD in 2021, because I enjoyed participating this year.

Goal #5 – “Make the Garden Great Again”

I know. We’ve been here before, twice, and I didn’t get it done. (Heck, I hardly got it started last year!) There were explanations. There were excuses. Maybe the goal was too far-reaching, but I’m not one to just give up on my dreams. So here we go, again.

This year I’m going to choose only two areas of the backyard garden and make the changes that I’ve wanted to make. This should be an achieveable goal for 2021. Here are the “Before” photos of the two garden beds that I intend to improve this year:

The area on the left is at the back fence of our yard. I want to add some color via small flowering shrubs and a few annuals, and trim the crepe myrtle tree into a nicer form. I might extend this bed to the corner of the yard. Or not.

The area on the right is next to the garage, and it features a pretty stone patio that I built about 20 years ago. It needs to be cleaned up and then I can create a water feature (fountain), and add some colorful flowering plants to enjoy.

Wish me luck! What goals do you have for 2021?

Happy quilting,


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I’m linking up with Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl for her 2021 planning party!

19 thoughts on “My Stitching Resolution – 2021 Goals

  1. Hi Sharon, what great goals. So far a lot of us seem to have a lot of scraps that need dealing with me included!!! Perhaps all of us participating today should do a complimentary post at the end of 2021 to see if we actually managed to get any of our Resolutions done? Have a great 2021. Hugs & Love, Susie xx


  2. Interesting is one word for 2020, I could think of others unmentionable words to describe it. Have fun playing with your toys it sounds like fun and I may just have to pull out some of mine.


  3. Minnesotans have long used the word “interesting” to say something nicer than what we really are thinking – LOL. So that made me giggle, just a bit! Good luck on MGGA – could you come and take care of mine when you’re done with yours??


  4. “Interesting” is a good way to put the events of the year, Sharon!! Definitely nicer than some other words we could use! My mojo has flown away several times, because of the pandemic, I think! And, unfortunately, I don’t see it going away anytime soon. But, you have chosen some great goals and here’s to getting them accomplished!!


  5. From my seat your goals look like you can meet them. Just keep those positive thoughts and you’ll be at the finish line afterall it will be 2021 not 2020.


  6. Great goals for 2021. You can do it! I love that part of your goal is to “play with your toys” – We all need that one on our list. It just makes me smile to even say it. Happy New Year!


  7. Yes, 2020 has been “interesting” and I’m sure we all have some naughty words to describe it. No sadness telling it to hit the road and never come back. I love your “play with my toys” resolution. I have so many toys that I’ve bought with big plans to use them and then it doesn’t happen. It will be fun to see what you do with yours! Happy New Years and best wishes for all your resolutions to come true. xo


  8. Great goals. I love the idea about making the garden great again! I started doing this this year, but now I have end of year clean up to do, and too cold for me to work in it. Good luck on achieving your goals!


  9. Great goals. Had to smile at the fabric baskets….they are also my new addiction. I have joined RSC again and a pink basket will be my first project for the new year. I will look forward to seeing yours.


  10. Scraps seem to be a common thread for us all. UFOs too. Getting out I. The garden will be a nice change of pace from fighting scraps😂😂 Happy New Year


  11. Wow, you have some grand goals for 2021. I keep hoping to catch up with my UFOs and state that goal each year in a more creative form. For 2021 it’s UFO BUST! IN 2021. We both need a positive attitude! 🙂


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