Mid-January PHD Progress

Hi Quilting Friends,

We’re halfway through January, and here’s what I’ve been doing with my PHD projects, so far. I’m pleased with the progress, considering my limited time. My sewing mojo seems to have returned, at last!

Project #5: Stitch four foundation pieced vehicles

All of the new blocks (fire truck, military ship, military tank, and conestoga wagon) have been stitched and are ready for the applique work. I don’t have a photo to share; next time, I hope, since this project is my “One Monthly Goal” for January!

Project #9 Colorful fabric baskets from scraps
  • Green Scrappy Basket B by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
  • Green Scrappy Basket Bottom by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

I’ve finished making my GREEN scrappy basket! The shelves in my sewing closet look so cheerful with six colorful baskets full of pretty scraps. Here are some pictures of the newest addition!

Projects #14 and #15: Christmas stockings for the Grand-doggers

Decisions have been made about the stocking designs! I’ll be using two applique patterns from LeeAnne Anderson at “The Whole Country Caboodle” to represent Naomi (the Akita) and Ruth (the Border Collie mix). I have the embellishments on hand as well as the stocking linings and backs. I’m going to “steal” fabric from Susan’s stash to create the stocking fronts when I’m ready to begin stitching. However, these projects don’t need to be completed until November so they will be on hold for a while. No picture today, because I haven’t done anything but thinking so far.

New Projects in 2021!

I made four scrappy foundation pieced heart blocks for an upcoming blog hop. No pictures (yet), as I’m saving them for the blog hop. I promise to share something on the next post.

I’ve joined the “Rainbow Scrap Challenge” (RSC) for the first time, and have decided to stitch “Sawtooth Star” blocks for the challenge. My goal is to make two blocks each month, one with a white background and one with gray. The color for January is “PINK”, and here are my finished blocks:

I still had loads of pink scraps, so I decided to make some string blocks with my 1.5″ strips. I added some solid black in the center of each block, and used all of the PINK scrap strips in my 1.5″ bag to make three blocks. I’m eyeing the PINK 2″ and 2.5″ strips, thinking that there is something missing in this picture. You’ll be seeing these string blocks in other colors as I go through the year with the RSC.

RSC Pink Linkup

Here’s my updated task list:

Happy quilting,


9 thoughts on “Mid-January PHD Progress

    1. Thanks Susan! I don’t have much pink fabric, so it is either a favorite color (and I used it all up) or one that I really dislike (so I don’t buy it often). I haven’t really thought about pink!


  1. Hi Sharon!
    Glad your mojo has returned!! It certainly helps to make a great day when you get to quilt!
    Love your scrappy baskets – your shelves will be the envy of everyone!
    Happy Quilting! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Gail! I was worried about my sewing mojo, since it was missing for the entire fall semester. I’ll take a picture of my shelves when the baskets are all in place; they look sew awesome!


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