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Welcome to the Auto Show!

Hi Quilting Friends,

We’re hosting an auto show today! Well, technically, they aren’t automobiles but vehicles that (almost) all have wheels. At any rate, welcome to the show! We’ve added several new foundation pieced vehicle pattern designs to Ms P’s Pattern Shop in recent weeks, and here they are:

FPP Vehicles 2021 by Ms P Designs USA

Let’s start with the latest model from the 1840’s. You’ve guessed correctly if you’re thinking “that’s a prairie schooner”.

Conestoga Wagon by Ms P Designs USA

Frequently confused with the Conestoga wagon from the 1820’s, the prairie schooner was most frequently used by pioneers during the Westward expansion. A light-weight, flat wagon, the prairie schooner was much easier for a team of 10 mules or 6 oxen to pull across the rough terrain when compared with the Conestoga wagon. The white canopies reminded the pioneers of the sails on a sailing ship (schooner) as they moved across the Western prairies! But we don’t mind if you call it a Conestoga; we’re not the wagon police!

Where’s the fire? We’re not sure, but the ladder truck is heading that way!

Ladder Truck 2 by Ms P Designs USA

The standard ladder truck is wonderful for residential fires, but when the building is three or more stories tall you’ll need this bad boy! This truck-mounted ladder will extend up to 100 feet in the air. What a view, if you have the time to look around!

Nothing stands in the way of the military tank; at least not for long.

Military Tank by Ms P Designs USA

This tank has heavy armor-plated construction, a track for moving over most rough terrain, and a mounted tank gun for shelling obstacles. The US military switched from horse-mounted cavalry units to tanks during WW II. We’re not sure which tank model this design represents, but it is similar to the M60 tanks that were deployed starting in the 1960’s.

Anchors aweigh! You’ll see the world when you are part of the crew for a military vessel. She’s sailing out of port, ready for the next adventure.

Military Ship by Ms P Designs USA

The miltary vessel is tidy and trim, from the forecastle deck to the superstructure to the poop deck. Everyone on board must work together for a successful voyage. All hands on deck; let’s keep this vessel ship-shape.

Ready for take-off? Let’s get the engine started and the rotors going!

The “Huey” helicopter is a single-engine machine that has been used by the US Army, US Air Force, and US Navy (along with many other countries’ military services) since its development during the 1950’s. The “birds” have specific design variations to make them appropriate for troop transport, medical evacuations, air assault, search and rescue, troop support, or general use, depending upon the needs. It was used extensively during the wars in Korea and Vietnam.

Does the General need a ride to the front? The military jeep is good to go when you need to get there ASAP!


The jeep has been a military workhorse since the 1940’s, when it was developed as a lightweight motorized transport vehicle. Much faster than a horse, the jeep could move people and supplies quickly. From snow plow, fire truck, or ambulance, the jeep worked hard and earned a reputation for reliability and versatility. Jeeps are no longer part of the military vehicle line, having been replaced by the HMMWV.

Feeling inspired? Ms P’s Pattern Shop has construction vehicles, service vehicles, trains, recreational vehicles, and a fleet of ships for your stitching pleasure. If you’re searching for a specific vehicle design and don’t see it (yet), just let us know! Sharon has an ongoing list of designs-in-progress, and we may be able to help you out. 😊 Leave a comment or get in touch via our Contact form.

Happy quilting,

Sharon & Susan