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My Hero!

Hi Quilting Friends,

We’re kicking off the month of April with the first few blocks of our newest “My Hero!” theme- “A Salute to the Armed Forces”.

Many families have loved ones who have served in the military, and ours is no exception. Our Dad served in the Army before either of us came along, and was stationed at Fort Hood in Texas. Sharon’s husband served in the Army before they met in college. Sharon’s father-in-law served in the Navy, and Susan’s father-in-law was a Master Sargent in the Army. Our cousin served in the Army in Viet Nam, another cousin served in Japan during that same time period, and our Uncle Jim was an Air Force captain.

We appreciate the service and sacrifices of our military personnel! They are real life heroes. We hope that you’ll enjoy seeing our interpretation of the heroes in uniform:

Military Ship by Ms P Designs USA
Navy Ship

The patterns for the military personnel and vehicles are all available in Ms P’s Pattern Shop, if you’d like to create a special quilt as a tribute to your own hero in uniform.

We’ll add to this theme over the next few months, so if you’re interested a specific branch of the Armed Forces, stay tuned!

Happy quilting,

Sharon & Susan

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