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Once Upon a Time. . .

Hi Quilting Friends,

Once upon a time, there was a quilter who wanted to be inspired for her next project(s). Lucky for her, she stumbled upon the “Fairy Tales” blog hop, brought to us by our friend Joan at MooseStash Quilting. (Thank you, Joan!) Let’s see where the story leads us today. . .

Our project for the blog hop is, unfortunately, not quite complete. We’ve just spent a couple of weeks in Montana, helping our parents prepare to downsize from their home of 27 years into a smaller place, and so Susan didn’t have quite as much stitching time as she had originally anticipated. However, we do have a quick preview of the project in progress, along with the promise of a pattern release in the very near future. (Sign up for our newsletter or follow the blog to receive notifications about our new releases!) Now, to our somewhat abbreviated story-

Once upon a time, in a Kingdom not too far away. . .

There was an applique collection, which includes all of the storybook characters that you know and love-

  • Castle by Ms P Designs USA
  • King by Ms P Designs USA
  • Queen by Ms P Designs USA
  • Princess by Ms P Designs USA
  • Jester by Ms P Designs USA
  • Prince by Ms P Designs USA
  • Man at Arms by Ms P Designs USA
  • Knight by Ms P Designs USA
  • Dragon by Ms P Designs USA
  • Unicorn by Ms P Designs USA
  • Wizard by Ms P Designs USA

Susan decided to create a DIY storybook, where the pages can be arranged as desired to create the storyline. (We have three little great-nieces, ages two to six, and we think that they’ll enjoy making up stories for the characters.)

You could also use all of the designs to make a beautiful quilt to decorate a storybook nursery, or pick your favorites to create a smaller project.

And they all lived happy ever after! The End.

Since we’re examining fairy tales today, do you have a favorite story or fairy tale character? Leave a comment and make our day! Please take the time to visit the rest of today’s participating bloggers for more inspiration!

Happy quilting,

Susan & Sharon

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21 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time. . .

  1. You are creating sweet characters that will definitely find a spot in the hearts of many kids, of all ages. I’ll be dropping in to see your project later on too. I think they will make storytelling so much fun.!

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  2. I love your cast of characters for this tale. My favorites would be the dragon and the court jester. I can see that your idea for a book would spark the imagination of your great nieces.

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  3. These are just adorable, and I need this pattern when your done for my little princess! She loves books and I love the idea of making her one! You girls have outdone yourselves and I’m excited for the pattern release!

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  4. Those blocks are so cute! Hey, life happens and family comes first. Thanks for sharing your progress with us. I look forward to seeing the finish!

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  5. Oh what a task moving your parents. I hope they get settled and acclimated without too many bumps in the road. There is nothing more important than family. Your blog post is funny and honest…creative to boot. Thank you so much for participating despite your challenging schedules.

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