It’s a Guy Thing

Hi Quilting Friends,

Welcome to the “It’s a Guy Thing” blog hop, hosted by our quilting friend Carol at “Just Let Me Quilt”. We’re looking forward to visiting the rest of the participating bloggers to see the projects that they’ve created, just for the guys!

Sharon here. My life is filled with guys! My husband (a guy) and I have two sons (both guys), and even our dog, Rowdy, is a guy. When I choose fabrics and designs for a quilting project, it is generally going to be guy-friendly. You’re not going to find much flowery, frilly, or feminine stuff at my house, and that’s OK because I love my guys!

When my sons were small, there weren’t a lot of quilt designs (or fabrics) that were intended just for guys. That’s probably why many of the quilt designs that Susan and I create now are suitable for men (or little boys). Here are a few of our “guy quilt” projects from the past!

Nursery quilts, meant for “baby guys”:

Toddler quilts, meant for “small guy’s”:

  • Pirates Adventure Quilt pattern by Ms P Designs USA
  • Viking Gods Quilt by Ms P Designs USA
  • space race quilt by ms p designs usa
  • Under Construction Quilt by Ms P Designs USA
  • My Hero by Ms P Designs USA
  • My Hero Firefighters by Ms P Designs USA

Vehicle blocks, for more imaginative “little guy play”! (Visit our “Customer Quilt Gallery” to see the wonderful quilts that our customers have made with these fun blocks.)

  • Construction Equipment Pattern Bundle by Ms P Designs USA
  • Service Vehicle Pattern Bundle by Ms P Designs USA
  • Service Vehicle Pattern Bundle by Ms P Designs USA
  • FPP Vehicles 2021 by Ms P Designs USA
  • Race Car by Ms P Designs USA
  • Sign Set 1 by Ms P Designs USA

And let’s not forget the mature guys!

Dad loves to build and create wonderful things with wood, so I designed this tool quilt, with foundation pieced tool blocks, to celebrate his 81st birthday a few years ago:

Dad's Tool Quilt by Sharon of Ms P Designs USA
Dad’s Tool Quilt

My younger son likes to cook and drink coffee, so I created this set of masculine kitchen accessories for him:

Coffee Kitchen Set by Ms P Designs USA

And, if your guy is a football fan, we even have a quilt pattern to celebrate his favorite team! Wouldn’t this quilt be great for staying warm in the stands (or snuggling on the sofa) during the big game?

Sharon's Football SuperStars Quilt

Today’s project is for my husband, who is the head chef guy at our home most of the time. (He enjoys working in the kitchen, mostly, and he cooks delicious meals for us!) I made two Double Arrow blocks with gray and red Moda Grunge, and I’ve turned them into hot pads for my best guy, because even manly hands need protection from hot dishes!

Double Arrow Hot Pads

Enter our giveaway for your chance to win a complementary copy of the “Double Arrow” PDF pattern! Entries will be accepted until July 31, and the winner will be notified via email by August 2. Good luck!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! We hope that you’ve enjoyed our display of “manly” projects, for the guys. Leave a comment- it will make our day!!

Happy quilting,


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27 thoughts on “It’s a Guy Thing

  1. Great guy projects!! My guy does most of the cooking in our house too – isn’t it nice?!! I love the football quilt. It’s getting to be about that time – ROLL TIDE!! LOL I made my now 9 YO twin grandsons quilts of their favorite animals to fit their full-sized beds. D’s is a giant panda face, and B’s is a giant tiger face! They loved them .

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  2. My hubby is a quilt pattern enabler!! He found a quilt in a quilt shop that he really liked, and wanted me to make it. I did and surprised him with it when done. It was by Quilt and a Day and was huge, so definitely his kind of quilt.

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  3. OMG, glad to read I am not the only one overwhelmed with guys and guy things in my home. Since starting my blog and reading others it has amazed me over and over quilters saying that there just aren’t enough quilt designs for guys. This has never been a problem for me and I grew up with 4 sisters. Fabric companies have come a long way over the years with more gender neutral fabrics but there has always been solids. One of my nieces told my sister she felt so sorry for me because my house didn’t have much girl stuff, lol. Love all your quilts.

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  4. Great “Guy” projects. I have a house full of guys too, but they are not as fortunate as your are, it looks like. What great projects for all those guys in our lives!

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  5. I have lots of guys in my life, too, but that just makes every day an adventure (or a nightmare!) LOL You’ve got an amazing assortment of “guy” things that are just so fun to look at. My guy does all the cooking in my house, so he probably deserves a new potholder or two. I love the Grunge in your pretty ones! Thank you for sharing your beauties with us!

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  6. oh my what wonderful projects you have made. thanks for sharing and inspiring. years ago my son was in civil war reenacting. I made him a civll war quilt from civil war reproduction fabrics and a book that had civil war quilts. when he started carrying it with him to reenactments, other men wanted one. he gave them a price (really way to high) but they went for it.

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  7. Oh, wow, these are amazing quilts, all of them. Love the tools quilt for your dad. Great idea to keep those manly chef hands safe with the hot pads.

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  8. Great ideas for guys, wish I had a chef at my house! I have made quilts for all of my guys. Hubby, 3 sons, 11 grand sons. (2 D, 4 GD, & a GGD)

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  9. Those are amazing quilts for guys. You did an outstanding job making them all masculine even with all the limitations of fabric for guys.

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  10. What an amazing collection of manly quilts. I’m very partial to the HERO quilts for the fire and police departments. OH and yes you don’t want the chef’s hands damaged in any way that might interfere with his cooking skills, those are great hot pads.

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