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Southwest Critters

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Hi Quilting Friends,

We’re excited to introduce our newest quilt design, “Southwest Critters”! Here’s a picture of the quilt:

Southwest Critters by Ms P Designs USA

And now a little information about the cute critters that we’ve selected for this quilt design!

Horned Lizard by Ms P Designs USA

This little guy has a lot of names, such as “horny toad”, “horntoad”, and “horned lizard”. We found a horny toad in the kids’ sandbox when we lived in Odessa. I gently relocated him (or her) to a safer home.

Mexican Free-tailed Bat by Ms P Designs USA

The Mexican free-tailed bat is one of the most abundant mammals in North America. The bats live in large colonies, often in a cave (like Carlsbad Caverns, NM) or under a bridge (like the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, TX), and they feed on insects during their night flights.

Red-tailed Hawk by Ms P Designs USA

The red-tailed hawk is a widely distributed bird of prey, who can be found throughout the US and Canada. Her diet is primarily rodents, although she really isn’t particular about the prey that she hunts and consumes.

Desert Fox by Ms P Designs USA

The kit fox is the smallest fox species in North America. These little guys live in the desert, so they avoid the heat by hanging out in underground dens during the day. (I do the same thing, LOL, except my den is above ground, and air-conditioned.)

Jackrabbit by Ms P Designs USA

The jackrabbit is an herbivore who enjoys munching on veggies. There’s a statue of a giant jackrabbit in Odessa, TX, named “Jack Ben Rabbit”. Be sure to snap a picture with him, whenever you visit Odessa!

Roadrunner by Ms P Designs USA

The roadrunner might not be as fast as his cartoon counterpart, but he does run rapidly when necessary. (And I’ve never heard a roadrunner say “meep, meep“.) Not to be outdone by their neighbors in Odessa, Fort Stockton, TX, boasts a giant roadrunner statue named “Paisano Pete”.

Coyote by Ms P Designs USA

The coyote is howling, perhaps at the moon or maybe to get the attention of her pack. I don’t think that there’s a giant coyote statue in Texas, LOL.

I’ll be back soon to introduce the rest of the amazing “Southwest Critters”! In the meantime, you can browse the individual block patterns on the “Southwest Critters” page. If you want to purchase the quilt pattern, it is available right here:

Southwest Critters by Ms P Designs USA
  • Finished Size = 45″ x 45″
  • Includes layout templates & individual pieces for 13 unique animals
  • Includes instructions for Double Arrow pieced blocks
  • Only $20 USD

Thanks for stopping by today!

Happy quilting,


P.S. Here’s a quick tutorial about how to create a quilt like “Southwest Critters” from a set of quilt blocks-

Finish your baby quilt by Ms P Designs USA

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