Thankful Post

Hi Quilting Friends,

We’re taking a break from writing about quilting today to contemplate the people and things for which we’re grateful. We both like lists, so here’s our “Grateful Eight List”!

Sharon is thankful for:
  • Family & friends, forever.
  • My Rowdy dog, who is always makes me smile with his enthusiasm.
  • My students, who are back to in-person classes this year. (YAY!)
  • Simple pleasures; brisk walks, game night, books to read, corny jokes .
Susan is thankful for:
  • Family, always!
  • Useful work that she enjoys.
  • Friends who enjoy each others’ company.
  • Steady progress on her new quilting studio.
Ms P is thankful for:

You, our loyal customers, who have supported us and helped us have another successful year for our small business. Thank you!

We’re paying it forward again by donating some of our earnings to Holt International. This year we have once again provided the gift of a sewing machine and sewing kit to help a woman in need to support her family. We chose Holt International because we believe that they are actively doing valuable things; helping families in need, providing sustainable aid such as live animals, education, and job skills to people around the world, and assisting with adoptions to place children with loving families.

Our youngest niece came to our family from India via Holt International, so it is a cause that is close to our hearts. If you’re interested in learning more about Holt International, you can visit their website.

And now, on the lighter side. . .


We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving season!  We hope that you’ll spend your Thanksgiving creating special memories with friends & family, and doing whatever brings you happiness!  Thank you for stopping by today!

Sharon and Susan

Ms. P. Designs USA

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  1. I am grateful for great blogging friends like you! Holt Int. sounds like a cause worthy of support. God bless the children! Praying for a blessed and bountiful Thanksgiving for you both, as well as your families!

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