2022 Goals

Hi Quilting Friends,

Welcome to my 2022 goal-setting post! I’ve been posting my goals for at least a couple of years now, and I find that having specific, achieveable goals (with a deadline) helps to keep me on track all year long.

I’m joining the #2022 Planning Party, hosted by Yvonne at QuiltingJetGirl.

Revisiting Those 2021 Goals

Goal #1: Play with My Toys

Nope. I’ve looked at the toys, and thought about what I could make. I even pulled fabrics for a project, but I didn’t play with my toys. (“Toys” are rulers, foundation papers, or patterns that I purchased and haven’t used yet. I have LOTS of “toys”.)

Goal #2 – Finish One Enormous UFO Quilt

Mischief managed. I chose to finish my oldest UFO quilt, and here it is!

Purple, Teal, Gray Quilt by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
Goal #3- Get the Scrap Situation Under Control!

Not sure if the situation is completely under control yet, but I’ve made significant progress. I’ve made five more scrappy baskets for scrap storage, and I’ve stitched up five scrappy quilts. The rainbow string quilt on the right is still unfinished, so it is on my 2022 list.

Goal #4 – Participate in the Online Quilting Community

I participated regularly in the “PHD” project at Quilting Gail, “One Monthly Goal” at Elm Street Quilts, and “Rainbow Scrap Challenge” at So Scrappy. (I even won this adorable pink Mini Oliso iron for the March OMG link up!)

Mini Oliso iron
Goal #5 – “Make the Garden Great Again”

Started, but didn’t finish. I had the best of intentions, but my allergies were still not under control during spring and summer, and a shoulder injury in July got in my way as well. I still hope to complete this goal, eventually, but I’m not putting it on the 2022 list.

2022 Goals

Goal #1: Play with Toys

I’m priorotizing this goal for 2022, since I didn’t get it done in 2021. I will play with one or two of my “toys”, and make something fun.

  • More Patterns
  • Patterns
  • Rulers and foundations
Goal #2: Use Scraps & Stash

I still have several many quilts’ worth of scraps available to use. I plan to create at least two more scrappy storage boxes (in neutral tones) and finish at least two more quilt tops from my scrap bins and stash during 2022.

Scrappy Baskets by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
Goal #3: Finish at least ONE Large UFO Project

I’ve also been whittling away at my UFO projects over the past few years and I’ve not added (much) to the UFO stack, but there are still several large quilts in need of quilting and binding. I’ll finish up at least one of these in 2022:

  • Scrappy Goose Foot Quilt by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
  • Snail's Trail Batik Top by Sharon
  • Lone Star Top by Sharon
  • Stash Bustin' Scrappy Sampler by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
Goal #4: Participate in the online quilting community

I plan to continue participating in the “PHD” project at Quilting Gail, “One Monthly Goal” at Elm Street Quilts, and “Rainbow Scrap Challenge” at So Scrappy in 2022. These online activities are a good fit with my other goals.

We will host a sew-along (Sunshine Sampler) and a “Twelve Days of Christmas” series again in 2022. Our audience seems to enjoy our programs, and we enjoy hosting them.

We’ve had fun with the monthly blog hops with Carol, Carla, and Joan, so we plan to join with them each month too. I’ve already signed up for January and February.

Goal #5: Carve out space for a dedicated sewing studio

I sew at our kitchen table. Every time we have a meal or a visitor, I have to clear the space and put away my projects and sewing machine. My fabric stash “lives” in the guest room closet, and my current projects are hiding out in my bedroom closet. It is less than ideal, but this is my current situation.

We have a 2-story house with a large game room upstairs, and no little (or big) kids who need a space to play. The game room is currently filled with old furniture and unused items, and it functions mostly as a storage area for random stuff.

I’m ready to make a change! I intend to retire from teaching within the next two years or so, and I want to have my own dedicated space for sewing. (I assume that retirement will bring time for many enjoyable activities! I hope that I am right.)

My plan for 2022 is to go through all of that “random stuff” in the upstairs game room, and make decisions about its “final destination”. By this time next year, I plan to have a clear space where I can begin setting up my new sewing studio. Sew exciting!

Whew! This seems like a long list, but I’m anxious to get started after the holidays.

Do you set goals for your stitching? Add a comment to share your plans for the new year!

Happy quilting,


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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful 2021 and I hope that you have fun as you work on your 2022 quilting goals. After sewing for years and years at our kitchen table, I can definitely relate to needing to take time to prioritize and move things around in order to make room for dedicated sewing space. I hope you find the right balance!

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  2. You’ve had such a great year, Sharon! Your projects are all beautiful. I still love your scrappy baskets! I think I will be taking my scraps to our quilt show in June. We have a kiddie pool filled with scraps for people to fill bags for a donation. Merry Christmas to you and Susan and your families!

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