February PHD Update

Hi Quilting Friends,

For a short month, February always seems to last for-ev-er! The weather isn’t the nicest, the kids at school get even squirrely-er (Is that even a word?) as Spring Break approaches, the outdoors seem drab and dull, and my energy is usually at its lowest. What to do?

I got busy and did some sewing! And I enjoyed it too. Here’s what I’ve been up to in February –

PHD in 2022 Project List

Project #2: “A Time to Play” Wall Hanging
More Patterns

Mischief (nearly) managed! Susan and I sorted through her batik stash and found a number of delectable fabrics for the trees, bushes, and shorelines on my project, and then we took our little trip to the nearest quilt shop. The shop had the perfect batiks for my water, sky, and borders, so I purchased several nice pieces for my wall quilt. Susan found the fabric that she was looking for as well, and it was a successful quilt shop adventure. Yay!

I spent more time fusing and cutting this month, and here’s what I have so far-

This design has a TON of pieces, and some of them are TINY. I’m pleased with it so far, and I would have finished the applique but I’m short on tree trunk fabric. Drat!

I struck out at the second quilt shop; they had beautiful batiks, but no brown pieces that were dark enough for the tree’s trunk. I will exercise patience; I’ve waited this long to make the quilt, so I’m not going to settle for fabric that isn’t quite what I want! Yet another reason to go fabric shopping so I’m going to grit my teeth and bear it, LOL!

Project #4 & #5: Gray/Black & Tan/Brown Scrappy Baskets
Scrappy Baskets by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

My final scrappy basket, the tan and brown, is finished! This was my “One Monthly Goal” for February, and it is ta-done! Here are photos of the completed scrappy basket-

  • Brown and Tan Scrappy Basket E by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
  • Brown and Tan Scrappy Basket D by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
  • Brown and Tan Scrappy Basket B by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
  • Brown and Tan Scrappy Basket C by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
  • Brown and Tan Scrappy Basket A by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

And here’s a picture of my basket set, hanging out on the stairs. Thirteen scrappy baskets, filled to the brim (and several are overflowing) with scrappy goodness. Scrap-a-licious fun awaits!

Scrappy Basket Set by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
Project #7: RSC 2021 String Block Quilt
RSC 2021 String Quilt by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

I’ve started the quilting by stitching in the ditch along the edges of the blocks to stablize all of those bias edges. This did the trick to stabilize the blocks, but the quilt still cries out for more quilting. I haven’t made a decision about what I’m going to do about that, so this project is on “Pause” for now.

Project #9: Scrappy Christmas Quilt
Christmas Bricks & Stepping Stones by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

I’ve quilted horizontal lines in the ditch between the rows of blocks to stabilize the piece for the rest of the quilting. I started to quilt vertical wavy lines with black thread, but it didn’t look right to me after I’d stitched a couple of passes down the quilt top. I spent some time with Jack the (Seam) Ripper, took out the black thread, and tried it again. This time I am using red thread and straight lines. It looks SO much better, and I’m glad that I took the time to change my mind.

My “One Monthly Goal” for March is to finish this quilt, including the binding and a label. Ready, set, and go!

Project #10: Scrappy Goose Foot Quilt
Scrappy Goose Foot Quilt by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
Scrappy Goose Foot Quilt, out of my life.

I’ve decided that I’m no longer interested in finishing this quilt. I enjoyed piecing it, back in the ’90’s when I loved little calico prints, and I had intended to use it on our guest room bed. But my tastes have changed and I’ve moved on. . .

I got the quilt top down from its shelf last week, laid it out on my bed, and felt absolutely no excitement about continuing. It felt like a chore; something that I needed to do if only to cross it off of my list. The quilt top is pretty enough, and I did a good job piecing, but I have other things to do with my time, energy, and money, so I’m going to just let it go. (Cue theme from “Frozen”, where Elsa is singing in her ice castle!)

I’ve already arranged to donate some items to a local quilt guild, for their “Quilters’ Garage Sale”. I’ll put this quilt top, along with a stack of quilting magazines and books that I no longer need, aside for them. Someone else is going to love it, and so I won’t allow myself to feel guilty.

Project #10: Batik Snail’s Trail & Stars Quilt

I’m subbing in this pretty UFO for Project #10. This quilt top has been sitting on my shelf for quite a long time, athough I don’t recall when I started making it or what its name is supposed to be. I found the pattern in a magazine, and collected batiks to make it –

Snail's Trail Batik Top by Sharon

Just like the other quilt top, it needs to be quilted and it needs a binding. But, unlike the other top, I’m excited about getting it all finished up. It’s called “Batik Snail’s Trail & Stars” on my updated UFO list.

I need to spend some time with the quilt top and decide how I want to quilt it. Perhaps I can trick Susan and Rosie into using it to “practice quilting allover designs”. (Think Tom Sawer, painting that fence!)

Project #14: Crayon Box Scrappy Quilt

I’ve finished attaching the sashing and cornerstones to each block, but I still haven’t started putting the blocks together. No photo until there’s something more to see.

Project #15: Coffee, Tea, or Me Part 3
Coffee Tea or Me Part 3 by Ms P Designs USA

I’m stuck. I have enough of the black with white dot fabric from the coffee mugs to use for my outer borders, but it all just seems too dark. I need to think of a way to make it “pop”, and this is eluding me. I will let my ideas “percolate” for a while longer, LOL. This is when I wish that I had a design wall where I could hang them up and look at them as I stitch other things.

New Projects

I made a set of hot pads to show off our new “Tea Time” foundation pieced teacup pattern, for our “Coffee, Tea, or Me?” series

Tea Cup Hot Pads by Ms P Designs USA

And I stitched another teacup block for the “Tickled Pink” blog hop, to make a tea cozy with an old-fashioned “girly” vibe. The tea cozy is finished, but I haven’t taken time to photograph it quite yet. Here’s my work in progress, as it existed for the blog hop a couple of weeks ago –

Tea Cup Cozy by Ms P Designs USA

Ongoing Projects

The February “Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2022” colors were aqua and teal! I found a nice supply of scraps in my aqua scrap basket, so here’s what I made in February-

Sawtooth Star
February Sawtooth Star by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
Carolina Chain:

I made 15 blocks each of dark and light blocks in February. The quilt that I want to make with my “Carolina Chain” blocks requires over 300 little blocks, and so far I have 48 blocks stitched.

Progress Tracking

Here’s my updated task list:

Here’s my UFO list for PHD in 2022:

February PHD Tally by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

Happy quilting,


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