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Time in a Bottle

Hi Quilting Friends,

Welcome to the “Time in a Bottle” blog hop, hosted by our friend Carol at “Just Let Me Quilt”. The challenge for this blog hop was to make some hourglass blocks and then use them in a project.

The blog hop title got me reminiscing about the past, with fond memories of our grandparents and great-grandparents. If I could save time in a bottle, I’d love to visit just one more time, now that I’m a grown-up. I was fortunate to know them and spend time with them when I was a child.

Granny and Grandpa Paulson emigrated from Norway and settled in Northwest Montana on a property near the Swan River, where they raised their family- two girls and two boys. Grandma Rose was the younger girl. I remember visiting Granny and Grandpa at their home, and having tea with cookies while the grownups talked.

Speaking of tea. . .

Tea Time Tea Cozy by Ms P Designs USA

The china in the photo belonged to Granny Paulson, who passed it on to Grandma Rose, who passed it on to Mom, who passed it on to me! The crocheted tablecloth was a wedding gift from Grandma Rose, nearly 40 years ago. Only the tea cozy is new, and that’s my project for today’s blog hop.

You might recall my tea cup project from the “Tickled Pink” blog hop, and this tea cozy in progress –

Tea Cup Cozy by Ms P Designs USA

I used more of my scraps that coordinate with the tea rose fabric to create hourglass blocks for the other side of the tea cozy. I started with 3.5″ x 3.5″ squares, and ended up with hourglass blocks that are 2″ x 2″ (finished size) after trimming. I sewed the hourglass blocks together, quilted the tea cozy piece, lined it with more of the tea rose print, and then finished it up with the deep pink binding. Here’s the other side of the finished tea cozy –

Hourglass Tea Cozy by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

You can find the free tea cozy pattern here-

And you can purchase the tea cup pattern here in Ms P’s Pattern Shop-

Tea Cup B by Ms P Designs USA

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Happy quilting,

Sharon & Susan

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25 thoughts on “Time in a Bottle

  1. It sounds like you have lovely memories of your grandparents. The small hour glasses look delightful on the back of your tea cozy – very clever to combine both bloghops like you have!

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  2. As you were sharing your memories of family, I was thinking of my parents and grandparents. There were very specific steps in making and serving tea. Tea cozies were ever present at grandmas. Yours is sweet. The profusion of colour is very inviting. Another spark of creativity. Thank you

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  3. Awww…it’s so wonderful when a theme takes you back to days gone by. Sipping tea and enjoying your beautiful cozy will always have a special place in your heart now. It was fun to get a peek into your life as well through those old photos. Love it.

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  4. I enjoyed your thoughts about your grandparents–do I have questions I would ask them now!! Lovely tea cozy and a great way to use hourglass blocks!

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  5. You are Lucky (not just because it is St. Patrick’s Day), that you knew your grandparents. My grandfathers weren’t alive when I was born and I only got to meet my dad’s mom when she came for a visit once when I was a child. I never even knew most of my relatives at all as they all lived in another state. So cherish those memories you have. Nice to see your finished tea cozy.

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  6. That is a beautiful cozy, front and back…love it! My gr-grandparents came from Norway, too. I have wonderful memories of my gr-grandmother and her accent. Lefse is also a very fond memory! Thank you for sharing all this hourglass sweetness!

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  7. Lovely tea cozy, love the front and back. I only got to meet one of my grandparents, both my parents mother’s died when they were 10. How lucky you are to have these memories!

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  8. How special to have those pictures of family. They look to be in such good condition. Love, love the tea cozy. The colors in your piecework is really soft and pretty. And I admire your piecing skills to make the design on the other side. Lovely, really lovely.

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  9. Your sweet tea cosy reminded me of visits with my grandparents when I was young. Now that I am a great grandmother, I can only hope that all of the grands and great grands have fun memories with me. Thank you for the bit of time you gave back to me by inspiring those memories and the sweet pattern.

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  10. Beautiful tea cozy. The hourglass blocks are a great tribute to the memories you have of your grandparents.

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  11. Love the memories you have incorporated into this project. The cozy is wonderful even if your hour glass blocks are insanely small (but beautiful)

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