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Color My World

Hi Quilting Friends,

Welcome to the “Wonderful World of Color” blog hop, hosted by our friend Joan from MooseStash Quilting! We’re excited to share our very colorful project with you, and to see the rest of the “eye candy” that the other bloggers will post this week.

Sharon here. I’m the science teacher, and I believe that our ability to sense color is fascinating! This video explains how our eyes and brain work together and help us see our wonderful world of color!

Susan made this lovely colorful scrappy sampler quilt for our 2021 “Stash-Bustin’ Scrappy Sampler” sew along project. It may look familiar if you’ve visited us in the past year or so. Susan used ALL of the colors from her collection of batik fabrics to create a very colorful sampler quilt.

Stash Bustin' Scrappy Sampler by Susan @ Ms P Designs USA

Of course, Susan being Susan, creating a pretty pieced quilt top wasn’t quite challenging enough. Read more about how she took her colorful batik sampler quilt from pretty to fabulous in the next paragraphs!

Susan here. My sampler quilt top wasn’t big enough for the guest bed, and so I added borders to make it the size that I wanted. I have always admired pieced quilts that include multiple pieced borders, but had never made one. I decided to challenge myself to add several different pieced borders to my “Scrappy Sampler”. Here’s my finished quilt top, with SO many wonderful colors-

Scrappy Sampler by Susan @ Ms P Designs USA

I decided that each border would need to stand on its own, so I used a deep purple batik to create a narrow solid frame between successive pieced borders. These small borders also stabilize the quilt top.

Pieced Borders by Susan @ Ms P Designs USA

My first pieced border is made with hundreds of flying geese, set on their edges and arranged in the colors of the rainbow. (I decided that I didn’t want to count how many geese I made while piecing the borders, since bailing out after adding the first border was an option!) It took a VERY LONG time to trim all of the pieced flying goose units to the right size, but the finished border turned out well, and it was definitely worth the trouble.

My second pieced border features pieced flowers and leaves, using a modification of our “Pinwheel Posey Parade” design, from the 2020 “Garden Party Row Along” . I used a variety of colors to make the flowers (no two are identical), but the leaves and stems are all from the same fabric.

My third pieced border is made from hundreds more flying geese (as if the first flying geese border wasn’t enough), arranged in order of the color spectrum and oriented to fly toward the outer edge of the quilt.

My final pieced border is made with side-to-side flying goose units in bold pink and purple to match the other solid borders. It really wasn’t difficult to create this combination of pieced borders, and I’m a professional flying geese maker by now!

Pieced Borders by Susan @ Ms P Designs USA

I’m gearing up to quilt this beauty, as soon as I’m feeling confident that Rosie, my Gammill quilting machine, and I are working well together. Rosie is new to the team, and we’re still learning how to cooperate with one another. I’m really excited to have Rosie help me finish my project, and I promise to share it here when I’ve finished.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! We hope that you’ve enjoyed seeing Susan’s lovely quilt, with its “Wonderful World of Color”. Drop a line in the comments; we’d love to hear from you! Keep reading to find the list of participating bloggers for today.

Happy quilting,

Susan & Sharon

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31 thoughts on “Color My World

  1. The pieced borders that you added to this quilt took it from very pretty to spectacular! I love all of the gradations of color in the flying geese.

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  2. Wowziers…you took that border idea and ran with it. It is absolutely spectacular!!!!! You are the master of not only color but flying geese now. Fabulous finish, so Rosie be nice and give it all you’ve got for her. LOL!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a great quilt, Susan and the borders definitely make it shine! I can’t imagine all the time you spent making it! And Sharon, thanks so much for the interesting video. DH is partially color blind so I think he must have some damaged or missing cones!! LOL We can look at the same thing and not see the same colors!

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  4. OMG, what a beauty. You really did take this from gorgeous to an heirloom quilt. Yes, the quilting needs to be as amazing as this pieced masterpiece.

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  5. Very beautiful quilt made for the 2021 scrapbuster challenge. Thank you for sharing Susan’s quilt and information.
    I like scientific info on how we see color. I had a maternal grand father that was totally colorblind
    seeing only black and white with shades of grey. My brother and son have blue-green impairment. And I follow the Colour Blind Quilter on YouTube. To be able to see and combine colors as a quilter is amazing.
    Thank you.

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  6. This quilt is incredible and totally gorgeous…wow! You really rocked the color theme with this one and those borders are amazing. Thank you for sharing this beauty!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Wow. This top is so full of colour and the borders are a great enhancement. They complement each other and the quilt well. I particularly like the outermost one.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. YEAH for Science teachers. ( I am a retired teacher as well.) But I LOVE science and learning new things. Thanks so much for teaching me and for providing so many wonderful, colorful quilts.

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  9. This is a gorgeous quilt! All the borders make it even more wonderful! Flying geese are not my “thing” so maybe I should do borders like that to master them… LOL. Thanks sew much for sharing!

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  10. Your quilt top is breathtaking. I am very impressed. It’s going to be a challenge to quilt but oh so satisfying when done. Thank you for sharing your incredible piece in progress. I am wowed!

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