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Hi Quilting Friends,

Welcome to the UFO blog hop, hosted by our friend Joan at Moose Stash Quilting! Sharon got really excited about this blog hop, since she’s a huge fan of sci-fi, space exploration, alien life-forms, and UFO’s. The idea of investigating claims of alien activity on Earth is gripping, and boggles the imagination. Here’s some inspiration for today’s post-

Upon further investigation, Sharon came to the realization that this blog hop is about a completely different type of UFO. After overcoming her initial disappointment, Sharon consulted with Susan about a project for the blog hop. In the end, we had no trouble at all in finding project(s) to share with you today, since we both have more ideas and energy to start quilts than time to follow through to the finish.

Susan here-

I recently took a deep dive into my sewing studio “closet of shame” while looking for some lace to use for Christmas ornaments. What a treasure trove I unearthed!

  • Closet of Shame Part 1 by Susan @ Ms P Designs USA
  • Closet of Shame Part 2 by Susan @ Ms P Designs USA
  • Closet of Shame Part 3 by Susan @ Ms P Designs USA
  • Susan's Closet of Shame After by Ms P Designs USA

I found fabric, batting, fusible webbing, and plenty of UFO’s that had been hidden away. (By the way, I never did find that lace so I had to order it.) I chose this work-in-progress to finish first-

We posted about the project in our “UFO Sightings” series, way back in 2018. I’ve added the binding, and it is finally finished!

Calendar Quilt by Susan @ Ms P Designs USA

I found a set of nearly-finished Christmas place mats in the closet too. They needed to be quilted and have a binding added.

Ta-done! Eight finished place mats, with plenty of time before the holidays arrive.

  • Christmas Place Mats by Susan @ Ms P Designs USA
  • Santa Detail by Susan @ Ms P Designs USA

Sharon here-

I can’t seem to get the “other” kind of UFO out of my head! I just love the friendly little aliens in their UFO’s on our “Space Race” quilt. The aliens from “Independence Day” or “Alien”? Not so much.

space race quilt by ms p designs usa
Space Race

Do you become overwhelmed when faced with an onslaught of UFO’s (or a pile of unfinished projects)? The task seems daunting, but you can win the UFO wars with patience and persistence.

This is my third year to join Gail for the PHD project, and it has been helpful to have the support and encouragement of other quilters as I work my way through my backlog of projects. (Visit Quilting Gail for information)

I created this handy “Progress Tracker” for an organized approach to completing UFO’s. Each UFO project has its own line on the spreadsheet, divided into the logical steps needed for completion, and progress is indicated by shading the cell. This example is my current project list-

June Task List Update by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

Create your own personalized UFO progress tracker with our free download.

We’re so glad that you stopped by! Please leave a comment; it will make our day. Check out the links and visit the rest of today’s participating bloggers (below), and have a great day!

Happy quilting,

Sharon & Susan

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23 thoughts on “UFO Sightings

  1. Lovely projects! I think it is appropriate to have both kinds of UFOs included in this hop! Who can’t resist cute aliens mixed in with the quilting type of UFOs? 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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  2. As quilters I think it is hard not to have UFO’s because we are always finding new things we want to make and we chuck the old ones to the side to begin the new! Congrats on the finishes!

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  3. This hop was about any kind of UFO…even the extra-terrestrial ones! LOL!! I’m glad you worked them into your line up of fabulous finishes! 🙂 I love your beautiful finishes and thank you so much for sharing the progress tracker with us. I’m trying to figure out just how many pages of it I need to print! LOL!!!!

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  4. I’m with Sharon on the love of sci-fi things. I had just finished a couple alien quilts so I couldn’t use them for this blog hop. Darn! Your quilt is a beauty and I’m sure it feels good to have it finished. Having the placemats ready for Christmas puts you way ahead of holiday sewing. Way to go!

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  5. Hi Ladies! I’m so glad you were able to find a UFO project to focus on and sorry about not finding that lace. If it were me, I’d find the lace just as soon as the newly ordered batch arrived! Woohoo for the finish of the holiday placemats well before the season! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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  6. Congratulations on the finishes! I adore the placemats. I probably have UFO’s in my closet but I didn’t dare open it up with the pile I had to finish outside the closet! Thanks for sharing.

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  7. great chart you made! I have a chart for tops to be quilted and then bins for my UFOs but they are visible and I go thru them pretty often.

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  8. It’s so encouraging to see that I m in great company. “Closet of shame”. Nah! They are just opportunities waiting for another airing

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  9. LOve that chart. I also had a problem getting that other UFO out of m y head. It made the potential finishes so much more fun. Love what you both managed to finish. Congrats !

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  10. Great finishes! Isn’t it fun to do a deep dive in our stash hidey-holes! I’m love your tracker and started using it along with Gail’s tracker to keep my projects moving forward. Thanks for sharing. 😉

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  11. What a great dive into the sewing closet – and good that you were able to finish some UFOs from it. I love the Santa block on your placemats.

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