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Hi Quilting Friends,

Welcome to the “Queen of Gadgets” blog hop! Our challenge from our quilting friend Carol (Just Let Me Quilt) was to show off our favorite quilting gadget, and (hopefully!) a project that we’ve made with it. You’ll find the list of today’s participating bloggers at the end of this post.

Sharon here today. My favorite quilting gadget is the ruler, which would also imply that I love the rotary cutter and my cutting mat as well.

When I started out quilting, I used paper templates and cut out all of the pieces with my sewing scissors. It took FOR-EV-ER to prepare the pieces for a project, and it wasn’t all that precise. I was really excited when I learned about rotary cutters, mats, and rulers, so I decided to invest in this incredible tool. I enjoy the precision and speed that are possible when I use them.

I’m not big on purchasing every fancy ruler that comes along; I usually use my 3.5″ x 12.5″ rectangular ruler for piecing, and my 6″ x 6″ or 12.5″ x 12.5″ square rulers for squaring blocks or trimming HST squares and flying goose units. However, I am tempted every now and then, and I’ve splurged on a few specialty rulers over the years.

Equilateral triangle ruler:

I used my equilateral triangle ruler to create my “Toxic Rainbow” quilt, pieced in 1992 and quilted in 1995.

Toxic Rainbow, 1995

I chose to call this quilt “Toxic Rainbow” because the individual blocks remind me of the hazardous waste symbol for nuclear materials.

“Spot On” ruler:

I used the “Spot On” ruler to create the star flower blocks for this scrappy quilt top.

Diamond Star Quilt by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

I purchased this specialty ruler because there are several interesting designs that can be made with it. Just align the lines on the ruler with the seamlines on the strip sets, and cut to create the block units. The finished block is hexagonal, which is also very cool!

I used my equilateral triangle ruler on this quilt as well, to cut all of the pretty yellow setting triangles.

“9 Degree Wedge” ruler:

I’m a procrasti-stitcher at times. I’ve had this cool tool since before we moved back to Houston from Odessa in 1994. I’ve moved it around, looked at it from time to time, and I even made a folder on the computer with 9 degree wedge ruler quilt images for inspiration, but I haven’t used it to make anything. . . Until Labor Day weekend!

Nine Degree Wedge Ruler WIP by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

I began with my bin of solid scraps, and then I sewed randomly-colored strips of varying sizes together to make several strip sets. I pressed and then cut the strip sets into wedges. After playing around with a circular design and being dissatisfied with the appearance, I opted to set them together into a rectangle instead. Much better!

Obviously, this project has yet to be completed but I’m pleased to have made a start. When I’m finished, this piece will be either a wall hanginging or a table runner. I like it so far, and I enjoyed playing with my ruler and the solid scraps. I still want to make a Christmas tree skirt, but that’s another project for another blog hop.

Thanks for stopping by today! Are you a procrasti-stitcher, like us? Do you have an awesome tool collection? Leave a comment; it makes our day!

Happy quilting,

Sharon & Susan

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20 thoughts on “Queen of Gadgets

  1. I love what you did with the wedge ruler. It’s all about the vision, and I never saw it in anything other than a circle…until you showed us. Love it! I am really loving the idea of the Spot On ruler and think I need to search for one of them. Toxic Waste is gorgeous!

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  2. Aren’t rulers just the best tool! It’s amazing a design a specialty ruler can help make happen. Favorite ruler could be a blog hop of it’s own. I would love that as I’m not familiar with a lot of the specialty ones and what they can do. I love the peek you’ve given us into their possibilities!

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  3. As a matter of fact, I just finished a small runner using a ruler I’ve had in my stash forever and a day, which I’ve pulled out, looked at, tucked back, moved around, etc. It was pretty fun to use; don’t know why I waited so long! Toxic Rainbow made me chuckle – fun quilt! All of your projects look fun!

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  4. Your Toxic Rainbow quilt is beautiful and does look like a pretty version of those hazard signs. I think I have a big wedge ruler in my gadget pile. I love the scrappy look it created. You’ve inspired me to dig through all those rulers I have! Thanks for sharing!

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  5. thanks for sharing today. your projects are all wonderful. mom and I learned to quilt at the same time when I was in high school. then it was either squares or rectangles or cut cardboard for shapes

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  6. All of your quilts are beautiful and so fun to use different rulers. Love the piece you are working on, it’s so modern. Rulers are great gadgets for sure.

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  7. All of the projects you showed look great! I’ve used the 9 degree ruler for several spiral table runners, but I like the rectangular one you made too. I will have to try that and use some of my scraps!

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