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Santa’s Little Helpers

Santa gets pretty busy at this time of the year.  He has to supervise the elves and make sure that they’re building plenty of the popular new toys.  He has to coordinate the training schedule for the reindeer, in case they got lazy and out of shape during the off-season.  He has to make a list, and then check it twice.  A jolly old Elf’s work is never done!  That’s why Santa was SO excited to get some extra assistants this year, just in time for his Christmas preparations.

So get ready to meet “Santa’s Little Helpers”, from our 2016 Christmas wall hanging quilt pattern:

Christmas wall quilt

Ed the elephant decided to try on Santa’s spare suit, just in case he needs to fill in at the photo booth in the mall during Santa’s lunch break.  It looks like “Santa” should have cut back just a bit on the milk and cookies!

elephant (4)

When it was time to decorate the Christmas tree, none of the other elves were quite tall enough to reach the top and hang the lights.  Gerard the giraffe generously tried to help, but ended up making a mess of the lights.  Oh dear!  Better find the ladder instead.

giraffe (3)

Roxy the raccoon is really quite smart!  Some might even call her “gifted”.  She’s all ready to help Santa hand out gifts at the Christmas party.  Can you guess what’s inside this pretty gift-wrapped present?  Roxy would be happy if it is a fish!

raccoon (7)

Barry the bear gives fabulous hugs, and he knows exactly how to fill a Christmas stocking to Santa’s specifications.  Take a look at the goodies tucked inside, all ready for a good little boy or girl to enjoy on Christmas morning.

bear (8)

Lulu the horse has finished decorating the tree, and she hung the mistletoe too!  Now she’s hoping that the cute colt on the other side of the room will notice where she’s standing, waiting for him.  Lulu is hoping for her very first Christmas kiss!

horse (2)

Now aren’t you glad to know that Santa will have LOTS of extra help this year?  We had so much fun creating these whimsical animal applique blocks to make our Christmas wall quilt!  You can click on the images above if you’d like to have a closer look at any of the individual blocks, all available in our Craftsy and Etsy shops.



Santa’s Little Helpers Christmas 2016 Wall Hanging Quilt

Santa has lots of help this year! The pattern includes all five applique block patterns, and instructions for the star blocks too.


Happy quilting!


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Our Day at the 2017 International Quilt Festival, Houston





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Sharon and I are very fortunate to live in Houston, Texas, and that we can enjoy attending the International Quilt Festival year after year.

A great time

When we first started going (20 years ago), we would ooohh and aaahhh over the exhibits and vow to each other that one day we would create a show-worthy quilt.  I think that is about the time that I decided to make a quilt that I now call “WHAT WAS I THINKING?”.  Picture a king-sized whole cloth quilt with appliqued borders which match the quilting in the center, you know, flowers and ribbons with jewel-toned flowers.   Quite honestly, I have a 1-foot border of lines to quilt and appliques need to be attached to the blue and white checkerboard border and it will be done.  Somehow I don’t think it will be entered into the International Quilt Festival show any time soon!

I know, I rambled off course for a bit, here are the highlights of our visit!

First, we decided to visit all the vendors. Yeah, right!  I think we made it through about 2/3 of them and basically ran out of steam.  Of course, when you need to stop and fondle the fabric, visit with interesting people and then stop to fondle the fabric again, it can take hours!

We even stopped to visit the longhorn steer, the mascot for “Stitchin’ Heaven”, a Texas quilt shop!  Isn’t he handsome.

With the bull

Now off we go to visit all of the beautiful quilts on display.  There were far too many of them to give each artist credit for their efforts, but here is the highlight for us.

Amazing applique sea life

This one was made by a Japanese artist and is not the entire quilt because he had so many fans gathered around him to talk about his design and I thought it best if we don’t include the backsides of 10+ people in our blog.

See more of our favorites above.

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our day at the International Quilt Festival Houston and we hope you will join us next year!

Happy Quilting!



P.S. from Sharon:

It is pretty darn cool to have a quilt included in the Houston International Quilt Festival!  I’m not sure that Susan remembers, but I entered a miniature quilt design contest many years ago, and so my tiny quilt was displayed at the Houston International Quilt Festival, along with several others from the contest; I was so excited to see it there.  I don’t know where I put those photos of my quilt; will hunt them down and maybe post them later…  :o)