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Sweet Little Elephant Baby Quilt!

At our age, it is no longer all about making quilts for our own babies.  Now our friends and relatives are having grand-babies and even great grand-babies!

My dear friend told me that her daughter is having a baby girl that is due in February. The nursery theme is elephants, and the colors are pink and yellow!  Immediately my mind jumped into high speed; we happen to have an elephant quilt pattern that would work perfect in the nursery for this new baby girl.  I figured that I would have until February to finish the quilt, since that is when the baby will arrive.  However, I learned over the weekend that her baby shower here in Texas (she lives out of state) will be on November 18th and so the mad scramble began this weekend!

First, I chose the colors:

Fabric Choices for Sweet Elephant Quilt

Then, I prepped the raw edged applique pieces:

Elephant Applique before stitching

Now the fun begins!  My next step will be to blanket stitch the sweet elephant, hearts and flower garlands onto the quilt top.  We’ll keep posting pictures as the preparation for this adorable little girl’s quilt proceeds, so stay tuned for the next installment.

Here is part of the baby shower invitation.  I think our little girl elephant will do nicely for this special little one!

shower invitation


The elephant nursery quilt patterns  shown below are available for purchase from our pattern shop.  The quilt that I’m making will be from the first pattern.

Elephant with Flowers Baby Quilt by Ms P Designs USA
Elephant Quilt w/ Flowers
Elephant Quilt with Stars by Ms P Designs USA
Elephant Quilt w/ Stars

Until next time, enjoy!

Happy Quilting,


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