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Happy Huskies too!

Hi Fellow Quilters,

Sharon here, back to finish introducing the rest of our “Happy Huskies”.  Here’s the link to last week’s post, in case you missed it:  “Happy Huskies!”

So let’s get started!  Are you ready to meet the rest of the gang?

Snowshoeing can be lots of fun, and fabulous exercise too.  This cute Husky loves to stride over the snow in the meadow.  What a great way to explore the wintery landscape!


Snowball fight!  We’re not going to let those other guys get us this time.  These Husky buddies are ready to face the incoming snowballs, since they built a fort to hide behind during the bombardment.

Snowball FiGHT

This Husky has dreams of competing in the Winter Olympic Games!  Speed skating or figure skating?  Doesn’t matter- she’s happiest when she has blades on her feet and ice under her blades.


Wheeeee!  Toboggan rides are such fun.  This little Husky is flying down the hill, and enjoying every second of it.  His colorful scarf flies out behind him as he zooms down the slope.


Have you ever made a snow angel?  The snow here is the perfect depth for this little Husky to make a beautiful angel in the snow!  It is a bit chilly, even for a Husky, but she’s all bundled up in her scarf and jacket so she doesn’t really mind the cold.


Let’s go sledding!  What fun to ride the sled down the hill, then trudge through the snow to the top and take another ride!  It must be a really steep hill  but that’s great!  The steeper the hill, the faster the ride!


Do you want to make a snowflake?  This pieced snowflake was made using easy quick-pieced techniques!  It looks wonderfully fresh & frosty with our “Happy Huskies”, but would be fabulous in any quilting project that you wish to make.

FLAKE copy

I’m so glad that you took the time to visit our blog today, and I hope that you enjoyed seeing the pictures of the huskies at play in the snow.  What do you think about these designs?  We’d love to read your comments.

If you like, you can purchase the “Happy Huskies” pattern right here on our blog.  The pattern file will be sent to you via email within one business day of your payment.


Happy Huskies Quilt Pattern

This fresh & frosty 44" by 44" quilt pattern includes pattern templates and pieces for 13 unique applique huskies at play, as well as piecing instructions for the snowflake blocks and directions for making the quilt.


Stay warm, my friends!

Happy quilting,


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Happy Huskies!

Hi Fellow Quilters!

This is Sharon, posting today.  Thanks for visiting us here at Ms P!

I’m happy to introduce you to our pack of “Happy Huskies”!  Susan designed these adorable puppy dog blocks, featuring activities for a Husky to do on a snowy winter day.  And here they are!  Sew cute.  I decided to add even more snow to the quilt with some pieced snowflake blocks.  I had SO much fun making the appliqued Huskies and the pieced snowflakes, and I’m delighted to share my finished quilt with you!


The overall feel of the quilt says “frosty, sparkly, and fun!”  I used a sparkly white fabric for the snow, Northcott’s “Eskimo Snow” for the sky, and some bold blue prints for the snowflakes and sashes.

I was surprised to learn that Huskies’ coats can have many different colors, not just the familiar black and white, so I used a white Kona cotton solid for their faces, and a variety of solid blacks, grays, and browns for their bodies and heads.  If you prefer to call your dogs malamutes or Akitas, then go right ahead!  The shape of their heads are similar and the fur colors can be changed as needed to personalize your pup.

The dogs’ clothing and equipment are made (mostly) from solids and blenders, although I added a few prints for variety and fun.  You’ll probably notice that you could make the Husky pups look like either boys or girls, depending upon the colors of the fabric that you choose for their clothing.

Most of the applique blocks are at an intermediate skill level, so a quilter who has some experience working with raw-edge applique would be able to make them without any problems.  Some of the blocks, like the ice skater, are easier, and some, like the ice fisherman, are more challenging because the design is more complex.  I used a machine blanket stitch and black machine embroidery thread to finish my applique edges.

Finally!  Are you ready to meet our “pack” of puppies?  Here we go!!!

This little Husky puppy is ready to run in the annual “Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race”.  She looks so cozy in her hooded parka, and the sled is loaded with all of the supplies that she’ll need during the race.  I have just one question though: Who is pulling the sled?


This cool Husky dude loves to swoop down the slopes on his uber-cool snowboard!  No matter how high or steep the mountain, this perky pup is ready for some powder.  Looks like he’s catching some MAJOR air on this run!


Vroom, vroom, vroom!  Time for some fun, zooming around in the snowy meadow.  Look out!  That snowmobile is being driven by a Husky!!!  I sure hope that he has a current drivers’ license. . .


Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!  The skier makes graceful turns as she proceeds rapidly down the ski run!  The powder is simply perfect today, and she’s really enjoying herself on this sunny winter afternoon.  Looks like fun, doesn’t it?


What’s today’s catch?  Hopefully not just a head cold for this ice fishing addict.  Oh, look!  She’s caught a fish, just now.  Oops- sorry to tell you, but that one’s a bit too small to keep.  Oh well!  As they say, even a bad day at ice fishing beats a good day at the office.


This gregarious Husky is very good at making new friends, even when his new friends are made from snowballs!  Wasn’t he thoughtful, to share a scarf, cap, and earmuffs with his snowy buddy!  Imagine the mischief that these two will get up to today…


If the evening gets too chilly, this Husky pup will have shelter from the storm in his igloo.  For now, he looks cozy enough in his hooded parka and boots.  Perhaps he can invite his little penguin friend inside to warm up when they’re done playing outside.  How about a mug of hot chocolate and a cookie?  Yum, yum, yum.


Thanks so much for visiting our blog today!  I hope that you enjoyed meeting some of our happy Husky friends!  I’d love to read your comments and thoughts about our new frosty friends!  And please stop by next week to meet the rest of the crew.

If you’re interested in making your own “Happy Huskies” quilt, you can purchase it by clicking the link below.  Your pattern will be delivered to your email inbox within a day of purchase.

Happy Huskies Quilt Pattern

This fresh & frosty 44" by 44" quilt pattern includes pattern templates and pieces for 13 unique applique huskies at play, as well as piecing instructions for the snowflake blocks and directions for making the quilt.


Happy quilting,