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Prehistoric Sports Stars 2

Hello Quilting Friends!

Welcome back! Today we’re going to wrap up the introductions to our line-up of dino-stars from the “Prehistoric Sports Stars” quilt. We’re really excited about this new design, and agree that it would be the perfect quilt for your little palaeontologist or athlete. If you missed the first half of the introductions, visit this post to meet the rest of the guys.

Prehistoric Sports Stars by Ms P Designs USA

Steve is by no means the fastest runner on the relay team.  His bulk usually frightens the other runners because the stands start shaking, the track starts quaking and everyone holds their breath to see him cross the finish line! Go Steve Go!

Relay Stegosaurus by Ms P Designs USA

Allen is not the best-looking soccer player on the pitch, but man can he run!  He is a natural soccer player and scores way more points than everyone else on the team put together!  Allen is a super star!

Soccer Allosaurus by Ms P Designs USA

Plubi (our “man of the sea”) has never won a swimming contest since he was a very small fry, even though he starts out fantastically. It isn’t long before he gets distracted by his little friends in the big lake.  “Plubi!”, Coach yells, “quit messing around and win this for the team!!!”  I’m going to give him 1 star for at least trying to compete in the race.

Swimmer Pleisiosaurus by Ms P Designs USA

Tristan has the focus of a dog that has just treed a squirrel when he’s playing tennis!  He stares intently at the opposition while giving a nod to all the girls as he yells “love, love”.  (Oooh! Isn’t he SO CUTE!) People are surprised by his tennis finesse and how he has never lost a game!  Tristan gets 5 stars for his absolute commitment to the sport!

Tennis Triceratops by Ms P Designs USA

Vencent (which means “winning, conquering, or to win”) is a fierce competitor in volleyball.  The girls go crazy over his mohawk, his winning smile, and his execution of the plays.  You are a star, Vencent!

Volleyball Velociraptor by Ms P Designs USA

I won’t say that Tyrell is stubborn. I’m not even sure why he insists that we call him “Mr. T”, but I am in a quandary as to why he thinks that weightlifting is his sport.  Judging by the look on his face, I think that he is reconsidering whether he has a future in the sport.  I still give him 2 stars for effort!

Weight Lifting T. Rex by Ms P Designs USA

We’re so happy that you stopped by for a peek at all our new friends! Please visit our pattern shop to browse the block patterns.

Thanks again for stopping by! Please leave a comment; it makes our day!

Happy quilting,

Susan & Sharon

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