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Prehistoric Sports Stars

Hello Quilting Friends!

Today we are introducing our new design, “Prehistoric Sports Stars”.  After fighting with my new quilting machine, we reached an understanding and I finally got them quilted!

Prehistoric Sports Stars by Ms P Designs USA

I call the pattern “Prehistoric Sporty Stars.”  As Sharon pointed out, these creatures came from several different epochs, so they couldn’t have played at the same time. I think that they are whimsical, fun, and just right for your little sports star or dino-enthusiast!

Our Starting Lineup

First, let me introduce you to Broderick, a first-rate baseball player.  He has a long neck and small strike zone, and he comes from a long line of baseball players.  Look how well he keeps his eyes on the ball, ready to hit it over the fence for a home run!

Baseball Brontosaurus by Ms P Designs USA

Pterry (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) loves to fly, so we’re lucky that he chose basketball as his sport.  The crowd is breathless when he takes to the air with his basketball.  Can you believe that he never gets called for travelling or double-dribbling?  I’d bet that Pterry’s team makes the Final Four every. single. year. Now that I think about it, I’ve never seen him do a slam dunk, but he is indeed a basketball star! 

Basketball Pterodactyl by Ms P Designs USA

Let me introduce you to Woodrow (he prefers to be called Woodie).  He has chosen to be a boxer, but we’re not certain why.  His hair is continually getting into his eyes and his reach is less than impressive.  His massive body would certainly put him in the super heavyweight class for his matches. In any event, he is our superstar boxer!

Boxer Mammoth by Ms P Designs USA

Dimetri is by far the best running back that I have ever witnessed on the field.  He gets the ball and runs as fast as his legs will take him!  If the offense gives him any grief, he will readily take them on with his sharp teeth. It’s against the rules to bite a defender, so that’s sure to draw a foul if the ref sees it!

Football Dimetrodon by Ms P Designs USA

The Scotts like to take credit for inventing golf; however, as you can see Anders has the golf course under control.  I’ve been told that he can quickly determine how his shot needs to be adjusted by the way the wind ripples off his spikes and tail. FORE!

Golf Ankylosaurus by Ms P Designs USA

Saburo is the third-born son of his family and is eager to make a name for himself by showing his athleticism on the gymnastic rings.  Go, Saby Baby, GO!  He’s loves to flip on the rings, but is especially strong when he holds himself in a cross position.

Gymnast Saber Tooth Cat by Ms P Designs USA

Parker, you need to be careful of that big stick!  I think that you have forgotten your ice skates, and those big dinosaurs on the other team are eyeing you suspiciously.  Do be careful little guy!

Hockey Parasopholous by Ms P Designs USA

That’s it for today! Come back on Thursday to meet the rest of our “Prehistoric Sports Stars” and enter our giveaway for a chance to win the pattern.

You can purchase the quilt pattern or individual blocks in Ms P’s Pattern Shop.

We’re so happy that you stopped by for a peek at our new friends! Please leave a comment; it makes our day!

Happy quilting,


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